I tend to agree. I do however prefer the Sunrise set to the Today set, mainly due to it feeling more open because of its location and the windows. However, I do not think Sunrise will get as long out of their current set as they did with their previous set. I feel their previous set in its earlier days was the best set we’ve seen.


Tuesday (19.02.2019) - Wednesday (20.02.2019): Nelson Aspen is presenting Showbiz.

The new plasma graphics, seen in that panning shot, reminds me a lot of the opener here:


I couldn’t work out what was on the screen. It didn’t seem to fit in and was unclear





We must be due for Sam and Nat hosting together tomorrow


Nat hosting with Sam and Eddy presenting News and Entertainment this morning.


Eddy will be live from the Oscars Red Carpet on Monday.


Still can’t make out what it’s aupoosed to be. I can see the 7 and sunrise logos, but what’s the design? Colours and shapes look random and faded.


Sunrise just below 300k for Friday.
Over 130k ahead of Today. 5 city metro.
National figures: a 94% margin


Sorry where is this info?


Strong result to be No 16 show of the day, flogging the opposition and beating some evening offerings, but nothing on their peak back when the Mel/Kochie combo would frequently top 400k. Weekends were also frequently that high.


It is interesting to note that (since the week commencing Jan 14) the Sam and Nat duo do even better against Today than Kochie and Sam.

There are less people watching breakfast television now, though.


In that period of time though there was no catch up tv services or online streaming services like 7LIVE which weren’t available in the past. The social media presence of Sunrise and Today for that matter has dramatically increased to the point that every segment is posted on facebook so viewers can just select which segments they want to watch during the morning commute or on a lunch break.


Yep I know. Just saying.


Wow, didn’t know that.
Looking pretty certainly that Nat will replace Kochie when he retires.


Two days in a row Sunrise got close to 300,000. It also reached the top 20 on Thursday. A great week for the show.


Does anyone know the last time Ann Sanders or Jennifer Keyte presented the news on Sunrise?

I think Ann’s last appearance was in July 2013, based of this opener:

Meanwhile, I think Jennifer’s was in January 2010. IIRC she presented the news with Mel and Beretts hosting from Melbourne Park for the tennis the week before their 2010 relaunch.
It was no earlier than July 2007, based of this opener:


That previous set feels like it’s aged much better than the current.


I think you are pretty much correct. Ann read the news for a week (possibly a fortnight) in 2013, just before Sam officially started as co-host.

As for Jen, I don’t recall that 2010 stint (though I had switched over to Today around then anyway). However, I know she did a stint around 2007/08, presumably to strengthen Sunrise’s declining Melbourne audience. I don’t think she ever presented from the bookshelf set though (strange but the sets help me visualise).