Great show today!


Kochie and his wife Libby celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this week


Nelson Aspen will be on the Red Carpet at the SAG Awards tomorrow (Monday) morning.


Contrary to his ‘commentary’ (if you can call it that) in sports, Basil is excellent on Weekend Sunrise. Eddy (many don’t like her, as I understand it) and Baz make a great pairing.


I don’t understand the dislike for Edwina - I reckon she’s an absolute classic.


Same. She seems genuine and likeable.

Sam Armytage…well I think we know why everyone doesn’t like her.


I personally really rate Sam. Yes Shen isn’t a hard hitting journalist of journalists, but she is likeable, funny, self-deprecating and very good at her job and suits Sunrise’s relaxed vibe and feel but can be serious when she needs to be.


Sunrise extended to 10am today due to Australia Day public holiday.



During the 9:30 weather cross, this is what Sam Mac said to a kid named Karl
“Karl, good to see you back on Breakfast TV”:joy:


Sam Mac is a funny bugger


Classic banter from Sam Mac this morning. He is doing a fine job for the last 3 years


Nelson Aspen is on Entertainment today.

Despite their comfortable lead, Sunrise have made adjusts to their rundown. Noticably at 6, they have reintroduced the format from 2009/10- 10 mins worth of news, followed by finance/ BREAK/ Sport and weather /BREAK/ News story then “news, sport and weather together” at 6.30. This seems to combat (or simply offer an alternative to) Today’s lighter soft set segments at 6.15am.


Thursday -



Friday (01.02.2019): Nat is co-hosting with Sam again this Friday. Angie Asimus is reading the news this morning and Nelson Aspen is on Entertainment.


Eddy is filling in for Monique today.


Well that was crap… at 8.55 (Qld time) WS cut off Basil mid sentence (during the interview with the father and son who have become internet sensations) to go to commercials ahead of the cricket. Does that mean we miss the last hour? And no proper goodbye?
If the first half hour of the cricket is on 7mate why not continue it for 90mins and let WS finishi on 7?
Or telecast live into Qld from 6-9am…
Now they’ve just appeared back as I’m typing this at 8.59 to say goodbye.


Unfortunately you will miss the last hour, as has been the case during the Melbourne and Sydney tests. It will be the same for tomorrow. You will have to go to Sunrise website or its Twitter account to catch up on interviews in the last hour, such as the interview with the father and son: