Basil just said “see you next Saturday” in Qld… so they must be off tomorrow.


Weren’t there rumours that Kochie and Sam or at least one of them are back tomorrow to “beat” the new Today team on by a week?


I think it was suggested in here, that’s all.


Ah, I see. Well I guess it’s confirmed then. :stuck_out_tongue:


@spw68 asked the question do we think Kochie and Sam would be back because the Cash Cow (promo aired) is back on Monday and to back on air before the new team start on Today on Monday 14 January.


I don’t think Sunrise have anything to worry about at the moment.

A potential ratings increase for Today won’t happen overnight anyway.

Would be silly to bring them back early for that reason.


Back to Perth with he’s wife an he’s 3 kids
Who have been in Sydney the last 11 days


Seems incredibly early :thinking:


Matt’s Response on Twitter
I’m up early to do LIVE crosses to the East Coast and produce the Perth News before I’m on in Perth at 7am


Matt Doran hosting with Edwina Bartholomew this week.
Angie Asimus reading news with Nathan Templeton presenting sport and Sam Mac presenting weather.


Are some of Sunrise’s transitions new?
I thought the sun rays used during the 9am news headlines and the purple horizontal bars in the entertainment segment after 9am looked different.
Also during the hot cross bun story just before 9, the orange and then blue horizontal bars looked new.
But maybe I’ve just not noticed them before…


I saw the generic orange transitions used today. They were not used when I was watching last week or on Saturday.


Maybe they’re trying a few new things to freshen up for the new year…


They’re actually really good. Would love them to try something like this for the Opener instead of the Blue titlecard.


There was orange at the beginning of the hot cross buns story and blue at the end. Purple for the entertainment segment.


Sam, Kochie, Nat and Beretts all return on Monday to join Eddy and Sam Mac


Wow, they are pulling out all the stops aren’t they. The breakfast war begins…


I would imagine they where going to be back next Monday regardless what was going on at 9


I disagree. The whole team is never back this early.


They always used to be back this early, in my memory anyway. For the Aus Open. and they always tend to be on air longer and away during the year.

You can’t just change people annual leave on pre arranged dates. I would expect what is unusual however is the bigger promotional push they are receiving.