Looks like every promo they’ve ever done, lens flare and all.


Friday -
Michael Usher co-hosting with Nat and Angie Asimus reading news this morning.

Nelson Aspen is presenting Entertainment.


Why isn’t Beretts co-hosting? Even Monique?

Where is everyone?


Definitely a fairly basic promo. I don’t think a lot of creative thought when into creating it


Thanksgiving Day holiday a day late?


Why does that have anything to do with Sunrise?


Nothing. But, they crossed to New York for a report on a Thanksgiving related lip-syncer that has nothing to do with Australia. I don’t really care anyway and just made up a silly line. I think I’ll go back to ignoring this topic. :smiley:


Sunday -
Edwina Bartholomew co-hosting with Basil.


Monday -
Edwina is presenting News and Entertainment.

Wednesday -
Nat co-hosting with Sam and Edwina presenting News and Entertainment.


Some caps of the storm coverage in Sydney today


Great coverage from Sunrise today- more superior to Today.

Glad they got Brownie in and a nice use of set (wouldn’t be bad for 6pm).


While I don’t question the need for rolling coverage on Sydney’s rain - stations in the United States go to excess on the rolling coverage of snow and severe weather - I feel a little angst that the other states (minus WA to a certain extent) and drier NSW regions had to watch along from the Early News up until the split-produced Morning News (6.5 hours!)


Does that screen Brownie’s in front of not properly fit inside the white border surrounding it (particularly on the right side)? Or is the other part of the set just covering it?


It looks like the transportable part (the wall with the grid and the screen) is covering the light blue border on the right side. It’s definitely symmetrical when they use that set for The Daily Edition.


Thursday -

James Tobin is presenting the weather this morning.


Is the show live this morning? Seems crazy if it isn’t given the coverage they’re dedicating to the Qld bushfires if it’s being shown on delay as usual.


No, both breakfast shows have been on their usual 1 hour delay all week.


As I figured, I’m watching now and there are so many updates and news relating to this story. Terrible decision considering the seriousness of the fires and unprecedented conditions we are seeing in QLD.


Sunrise managed to claw over 300,000 viewer mark yesterday with special coverage on the Sydney storm. They won in Sydney with their biggest result in that city for 2018.