Great set-up for Breakfast with Buble this morning, hopefully there are many more plaza concerts in the coming months.


A friendly reminder that this exists


Was that from the live broadcast from the West Bank?


Hard hitting report on the civil war in Syria.


Great to see concerts back in the plaza, reminds me of Sunrise from back in the day.


Monique is back hosting with Basil this weekend.




And Mark Riley will be filling in for Basil tomorrow.


The first ten on the reserve list must have been busy.



Monday & Tuesday -
Nat co-hosting with Sam.
Eddy reading News & Entertainment.


Beretts is presenting sport on location from Randwick, NSW this morning.

Showbiz Editor Nelson Aspen is on Entertainment.


The show has been using some really wide angles lately, some examples here:

also, Hugh Whitfeld and Laurel Irving with a cross to Windsor for the wedding of Princess Eugenie


Edwina is hosting with Michael Usher the network coverage of The Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie tonight.


Kendall Gilding reading news this weekend.

Simon presented sport from Randwick racetrack on Saturday.


Kendall is great. Love her on the Qld 4pm bulletin.


Kendall is a good newsreader (better than Sally) but unfortunately, Mon and Basil talk over her.

Also, I question whether she should filling-in over Angie and Ange, when Kendall will never (highly unlikely) become a permanent member of Sunrise; I suspect that she will become the weekend anchor in nrisbane when Kay retires.


The only person more annoying than Monique Wright = Jane Caro


Eddy is reporting on the Royal Tour of Harry and Meghan this week.

Monday -
Nelson Aspen is presenting Entertainment .

Tuesday -
Sam is also presenting the Entertainment.