Sam’s birthday today

Friday -


“Free entry … for the first 200 viewers”. Sunrise membership cards required to prove they are viewers?


The answer is probably obvious, but how come only Channel Seven Sydney was found to be in breach of the code? Doesn’t Sunrise air in every TV market of Australia via the main channel of Seven or it’s affiliates?

If he lived up on the Gold Coast, somehow I could actually imagine @Mitchell_Nock trying to be one of the first 200 visitors for free entry just to see the presenters of Sunrise! Sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t think so. It just means the first 200 people to arrive won’t have to buy an admission ticket.


His 7 tattoo would be proof enough that he is a viewer.


Everyone has such short memories don’t they. What looked to be a disastrous year for sunrise, particularly after the Comm Games, has been all but forgotten. Today’s ratings woes has well and truly taken the spotlight.


Was is a disastrous year for Sunrise though? They appeared to win quite a lot. Or are you refering to 2016 Olympic Games???


I’m referring to the protests and negative press.


Wednesday -

Nat co-hosting with Sam and Edwina reading News and Entertainment.


Thursday (06.09.2018): Edwina Bartholomew is reading the news this morning. James Tobin is presenting the weather.


Not only are they great to watch, but they always rate really well (almost 60,000 ahead of Today yesterday). They are definitely the future duo of the show.


Friday (07. 09.2018): Sunrise are live from Sea World, Gold Coast.

Edwina Bartholomew is reading the news again this morning.



Has Sam or Sunrise reflected on the death of Burt Reynolds and that famous interview she did with him?


Sharyn Ghidella,Paul Burt and Amanda Abate appeared on the Newsfeed this morning.


Craig James doing his annoying “you know sorta” all throughout his comments. Pretty sure that’s what he’s saying- it’s slurred. At least 7 times in one segment.


Friday -

Nat co-hosting with Sam and Eddy reading News & Entertainment. Nathan Templeton is presenting sport today.


Carrie Underwood revealed this morning that she would headline Sunrise’s AFL Grand Final eve show in Melbourne on September 28. Underwood will have a busy schedule: on Thursday September 27 she will perform at the AFL Footy Show Grand Final edition at Rod Laver Arena. After her appearance on Sunrise, she will perform at the Deniliquin Ute Muster the next day.


Weekend Sunrise has moved over to the second presentation area (with the glass windows behind Baz and Mon, like Sunrise do after 7.30) this morning. Very NBC Today-esque


Isn’t that because there is more light out the window into Martin Place, at this time of year?