JT presented weather in the studio today.


Big question is why does she continually respond to the headlines? She effectively makes a story out of a non story. Stop responding!


James in the studio this morning, occasionally last year he also in the studio.


@Mischievous1 Sam said on twitter last week so had bitten her tongue a lot but 2017 was a year of no bullshit.And of course she is entitled to have her response to utter bullshit articles written about her,but it just adds more fuel to the fire by responding in my opinion. Lot’s of personalities in the media have bullshit written about them but remain silent. Again it comes down to individual choice want action to take.


It is also comes across as somewhat superior and insincere given the show she fronts and some of the items Sunrise covers.


Of course she is entitled to do as she pleases. However, she can’t then complain when the media respond to her response. No need to play everything out in public to get sympathy. The perfect example is posting a photo of the drone flying over her house. She claimed she had called the police, so why draw publicity to herself by posting the photo? Let the police do their job, press charges then sue.


Sunrise won the first week of the 2017 official ratings period by 34,000.


Did Sunrise win everyday but Tuesday?




Sunrise need to review their staff curriculum…


That is disgraceful.


Nat on location at Essendon in Melbourne for this mornings special coverage with Eddy reading the rest of today’s news back in the studio.


First time I’ve watched sunrise for a while this morning and I thought it was quite good, the backdrops behind Sam & Kochie were great.


I think Sunrise need to trim the amount of celebrity and royal news stories they have. I generally watch the 7am to 7:30 half hour and there is always a royal type story in that window when they should just be concentrating on news stories.


Eddy is live from the Oscars on Monday.


Anything special about Sunrise yesterday morning? Highest rated show so far this year 60,000 ahead of Today.


It’s great to see Sunrise pick up form again after what happened to them the same time last year. I know many would disagree with me, but I prefer watching Sunrise to Today.


Karl has been absent from Today filming his new TV show.


Whilst that may contribute, Today has been beaten easily since November/December.


If Karl has been the reason for the ratings lead then why did they loose for such a long period of time?