Also, Ed Sheeran can do acoustic versions of his music and they still sound brilliant, while other artists rely on putting on more of a “show”.


The set actually looks somewhat decent, Even though there is a tennis ball attached to part of the set.


I just noticed that, that is really random lol


What on earth?


That’s there to prevent the jib (crane cam) from hitting the balcony front.

In regards to the comments about the Sheeran setup, agree with all points of view. I just think it looked cheap in comparison to past performances.
But yes, council and permits are a factor.


That actually makes a lot of sense


The only thing I don’t like about the set is that colour of blue behind the side plasmas.


Today, I watched SUnrise and noticed that Sam Mac read yesterdays weather details. He might have been confused.


I find that Weekend Sunrise is more creative with set use and camera shots?


Weekend Sunrise is using the weekday opening music this weekend.


Sunrise continued its winning streak, winning week 4 by an average of 48,000.


That’s how many consecutive Sunrise won?

P.S. Feels like the margin between Sunrise and Today isn’t really that big anymore.


Daily Mail forced to make an apology and now changed their policy on stories after Samantha Armytage spoke out last year.

A source close to the publication told Fairfax Media there was a “panic” following the backlash and the showbiz team that runs the “sidebar of shame” were spoken to about aiming to “bring up the quality of the publication”.


The Perth Skyline on Sunrise Perth News has changed, it was previously the same one that Seven News Perth uses on the 6pm bulletin, I wonder if we’ll see it tonight or if this is just a Sunrise thing:


You can see a faint green colour on Matt’s face. You never used to so I wonder if this has something to do with the new backdrop’s green screen?


Sam made an on air apology this morning for not wearing a seat belt the other day with Ed Sheeren. They have since been fined.


@TFTV Some of the media today claiming Sam was forced to make the on air apology this morning, Sam was quick to response on twitter and said"l wasn’t forced to apologise. I chose to apologise. And l will pay my fine.Enough with the sensational headlines "


Why is there any discussion of this? I saw a number of headlines about this “scandal” on my homepage.

She fucked up. She is doing the right thing and paying the fine. Can’t the media move the fuck on?


The media are more interested in sams life then actually delivering real news! I honestly feel so sorry for Sam having to deal with this.


Former Ten Melbourne news reporter David Woiwod joined Sunrise as Freelance reporter/producer in December last year ,he is based in Melbourne.