Sunrise (pre-2003)

Found this opener of Sunrise from July 2002 when Melissa Doyle and Chris Reason were the co-presenters. The show was produced from the old Seven News Sydney set (which was also used for national bulletins).

Some of you may know that Reason had to step down as co-host towards the end of that year to tackle cancer, which he successfully overcame. This is when David Koch came in - and the rest is history.

And here’s another opener on the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks:

Also in this video you can see a shot of the soft set used for interviews.

It wasn’t until November 2016 that he re-appeared as co-host of Sunrise, though he was filling in for Koch at the time.


I could actually watch the 2002 version today, compared to the noise that those shows are now.


Also how good is Chris Reason, especially on a format like that. So under-utilised at 7.


He later returned to host Sunday Sunrise which later became Weekend Sunrise. But after a while he was replaced by Andrew O’Keefe whose appointment became permanent after WS began to overtake Nine’s Sunday show in the ratings.

Reason later returned to full time reporting with Seven News, though he does present various news bulletins on an intermittent basis. I can also recall him co-presenting Weekend Sunrise with Monique Wright while Basil Zempilas was in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup last year.


There used to be the full 90 minute bulletin uploaded on YouTube with Mark Beretta and Georgie Gardner but I sadly can’t see to find it anymore…


Speaking of which, I managed to dig out this opener from 2001…


it’s easy to forget that Georgie used to work at 7.


The same could be said for the following people:

Melissa Downes (started her career at Seven before moving to Nine in December 2001)
Peter Overton (presented weekend sport on Seven [Nightly] News Adelaide before switching to Nine in 1991)
Wally Lewis (presented sport on Seven [Nightly] News Queensland in the late 90s before moving to Nine in March 1998)
Amber Sherlock (via Ten)
Tom Rehn (spent some time at Seven News Melbourne)
Scherri-Lee Biggs (was a reporter on Seven’s Australian Open coverage in 2013)

Does anyone know if Louise Momber spent some time at Seven? I believe she did.