Sunrise 2021

Moving my mock out of Random Mocks, here is a new look for Sunrise for 2021.


After the headlines, the final headline ends with " As the Sun rises, Monday 11th January 2020". The VoiceOver is “Across Australia, this is Sunrise. Now, Live from Brekky Central, Kochie & Sam”. This reintroduces the outside shot of the studio"


Full Screens

More to Come…


It has a similar look to Today US. But is much better the current sunrise look on Australian tv.

I hope at some point they will go back to the window outside looking at martin place it made it so more inviting


I love it. Looks very polished

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I like it! I do feel the lower thirds and the ticker take up too much screen though in height.

The weather and time are also out of safe areas too.

Overall it’s very nice though.

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Maybe “…rises on Monday…”.

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