Sunday Night


New “set” debuted last night:

Much better than the old stacked stone look.


I like it ! Suits the format more and gives class and authority. Mel looks great too! :slight_smile:


Or is it parts of the Olympic studio?


It’s a virtual set.


Sunday 5 March at 8.30pm

He’s known as one of the country’s most violent men. Rodney ‘Goldie’ Atkinson was a founding member of brutal Middle Eastern crime gang, Brothers 4 Life. They were a gang like no other – cocky, savage, murderous. Brothers 4 Life redefined how gangs operated, ruthlessly controlling their patch. There were drive-by shootings, bashings, kidnappings, even torture. Brothers 4 Life appeared untouchable as the gang’s drug empire flourished and the money flowed. All orchestrated by a convicted murderer from his prison cell. And on the outside was Goldie, the most feared underworld enforcer. Six foot six, gold teeth, tattoos, he was a towering gun for hire. Now, Goldie is smashing the gang code of silence to reveal the truth about Brothers 4 Life. Sunday Night gives a chilling insight into the inner workings of one of Australia’s most notorious organised crime gangs. And we’ll reveal the life and crimes of the man they call The Enforcer.

For a while there Paul Hogan wasn’t just an Australian, he was Australia to the rest of the world. First as Crocodile Dundee, then throwing a shrimp on the Barbie in those hugely successful tourism ads. But to us, he’s always been just Hoges – a bit of a rascal, but always good for a laugh. At 77, he’s more thoughtful and candid about his life and loves… but still as cheeky as ever. Just ask Kerri-Anne Kennerley.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley is interviewing Paul Hogan. Has she got a regular gig on this show now?


@JBar Kerrie Anne has been a guest reporter for the show since 2012.l don’t think she will become a regular reporter.


The Daily Telegraph is reporting Matt Doran has joined the reporting team.


Matt’s first report for the show will air later this month,he will be a great addition to the reporting team.


###Matt Doran joins Seven’s Sunday Night

Channel Seven today announced the appointment of senior journalist Matt Doran to the network.

Matt this week begins his role as a reporter with Seven’s flagship news and public affairs program Sunday Night, hosted by Melissa Doyle.

He joins an award-winning team of journalists including Steve Pennells, Rahni Sadler, Alex Cullen and Denham Hitchcock.

Commenting on his appointment, Matt said: “It’s an enormous honour to join the ranks at Sunday Night, which in my opinion is setting the benchmark for long-form journalism in Australia. Viewers are seeking compelling, gritty, worthwhile storytelling, or nothing at all – and I think Sunday Night is one of the few honest Australian programs meeting that demand. I’m hitting the ground running – we already have a number of major international investigations underway.”

Matt returns to Australia after two years working in the US as anchor of Crime Watch Daily, a daily syndicated true crime news program. He began his journalistic career in newspapers, as a crime reporter with Melbourne’s Herald Sun. Prior to his move stateside, Matt reported for and anchored a number of national news, crime and public affairs programs, including Network Ten’s Wanted and The Project.

Matt has reported from the frontline of some of the biggest international news events of our time including the tsunami in Japan, earthquakes in New Zealand and the Bali Nine executions. He has infiltrated dangerous Asian gangs to expose the horrors of child slavery and organ trafficking, an investigation for which Matt earned the United Nations Media Award for Outstanding Television Reporting.

Sunday Night Executive Producer, Hamish Thomson, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Matt to the Seven Network and Sunday Night. He’s an outstanding news correspondent and crime reporter – passionate, fearless and dedicated to the cause. He joins an exceptional team.”


Glad he’s at 7. Could be a good regular fill in for Kochie or AOK on Sunrise/WS.


Agreed. Great to see Matt Doran’s career taking off again. I wonder if he’ll actually be used on news as well.


And then there’s the aesthetics of Sunday Night.
Matt. Steve. Denham. :wink:


Will be interesting to see if he is groomed for other roles in the network… Sydney news/ sunrise (new generation anyone?)
Guess time will tell.


@spw68 l agree would be great to have Matt used as a fill in host on Sunrise/Weekend Sunrise ,but hopefully it will happen over summer holidays later this year.
@MBB l seriously hope down the track Matt will be groomed for news reading roles at Seven,but l think for now his focus will be SN.


He was supposed to host Season 3 “later in the year”


Matt said on his twitter he has his dream roles on Sunday Night and Foxtel.


@MVP agree Matt’s main focus will most likely be crime related stories. Matt would also be a perfect fill in host if Mel was ever away this year .



Even after 20 years, Diana, Princess of Wales’ flame still burns brightly.

She set out to become the Queen of our hearts, and succeeded brilliantly – in life, and in death.

On this milestone anniversary, the central people in Diana’s life have agreed to step back into the spotlight.

Her best friend, Rosa Monckton. Her bodyguard, Ken Wharfe. Her trusted butler, Paul Burrell. The Fleet Street journalist Richard Kay. And her lover, James Hewitt.

Everybody loved the People’s Princess.

She was a luminary on the world stage, so sophisticated and seemingly confident. Yet Diana was also an incredibly vulnerable woman, scandal and sordid headlines never far away.

And for such a public personality, so much still remains private.

That is, until you’re allowed into her inner circle, and talk to her closest confidants.

Then you finally see the real Diana.

They reveal to Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle Diana’s most intimate secrets. The conspiracies, a chilling letter never before seen, and the answer to the question everyone wants to ask.