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I have been wondering if the show will go ahead this Sunday given the length of the House Rules grand final (which often goes beyond two hours).


@JohnsonTV the promo does say ‘After House Rules’.


08:40 PM Sunday Night


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Alex Cullen is hosting this week while Mel is on holidays.
[/quote] I was wondering whether he was still with SN. Should b do well.


Sunday 3 July at 8:40pm

It could be the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster. The world’s biggest, most bankable movie star famous for playing a ruthlessly efficient secret agent makes it his mission to stop a belligerent and divisive billionaire from becoming the next President of the United States. Only it’s no big screen fiction, it’s Matt Damon’s current and very real mission. Matt has returned to his most successful role as Jason Bourne and is sure to set the box office ablaze with the latest instalment of the action franchise. But for Matt no scenario, real or imagined, is more terrifying and dangerous than a Trump presidency and he pulls no punches when it comes to The Donald’s political aspirations. If he fails in his efforts to thwart the ambitions of the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, he’s asked Sunday Night’s Rahni Sadler if it might be possible for him and his family to take up residency in Australia. In this revealing exclusive, Matt takes us inside his happy home life, talks emotionally and candidly about his career’s great and defining moments and speaks passionately about his concerns for the political future of his country.

One moment she was a bright young star of Australian television, the next she was arguably the brightest new star in a much bigger firmament. Margot Robbie – from Neighbours to Hollywood’s Next Big Thing. Turns out slapping Leonardo DiCaprio in a screen test for The Wolf of Wall Street was not the disastrous career move Margot feared it might be. She won the part, all but stole the show and strolled into a string of big time roles. The latest is Jane in The Legend of Tarzan. Soon she’s bringing her best baddie to a headline role in Suicide Squad. There’s no stopping her. In this Sunday Night exclusive, Margot sits down with Denham Hitchcock to talk Neighbours, State of Origin, that fateful slap and her newfound passion for backyard tattooing. Seems none of Margot’s co-stars are safe from her dodgy ink work. It’s her birthday so we bought her a prezzie. But what’s in the box and why is Margot so excited about it?

Born dramatically disfigured, Yahya had no chance of a normal life in his home country of Morocco and chances are it would be tragically short, as his birth defects made him vulnerable to debilitating, even deadly disease. Yahya was born without a face. Thankfully his plight was noticed by a determined Melbourne woman named Fatima and his destiny would be changed by a wonderful team of gifted Aussie medicos. Sunday Night has followed Yahya’s journey from the very beginning and now it’s time to say goodbye. Yahya has emerged from his final rounds of surgery a confident and happy kid ready to take on the challenges of life back home. It will be a wrench for Fatima, the surgical staff who’ve given him his new face and Sunday Night viewers who have closely followed his progress over the past couple of years. Dr Andrew Rochford has our emotion-charged finale as Yahya waves farewell and stuns everyone with his very first words.

This edition of SUNDAY NIGHT hosted by Alex Cullen airs on Sunday at 8.40pm on Seven.


Peter Ford said on 3AW this morning that Kerri-Anne Kennerley recently took a five-day trip to New Orleans to film a story for the show. It will air in the next few weeks.



Sunday 10 July at 7:00pm


How is it possible that a simple but tragic accident could become a full blown case of murder?

That a loving, grieving husband-to-be could be thrown into some of the nation’s grimmest prisons for life on the basis of a catalogue of deeply flawed evidence and assumptions?

And even when that evidence is comprehensively dismissed as hopelessly wrong, he is left to languish for another decade behind bars?

This happened to Henry Keogh.

He did the time. An awfully long time. More than 20 years as a result of a catastrophic failure of the Australian justice system.

Now a major Sunday Night investigation reveals he did not do the crime. Indeed, expert evidence assembled by the program holds that the crime itself – cold-blooded murder – never happened.

Sunday Night also reveals that powerful and compelling evidence which could have freed this man only recently came to light after sitting on a Government shelf for almost 10 years.

In March 1994, South Australian couple Henry Keogh and his fiancé Anna-Jane Cheney were six weeks away from their wedding. Returning from a night out, Anna-Jane decided to take a bath while Henry visited his mother nearby. He returned home to find her submerged in the bath. She had drowned.

At first authorities appeared to share Henry’s conclusion that this was a terrible accident – Anna-Jane had slipped in the bath, knocked her head and fallen unconscious underwater.
But days later their view changed.

Soon, Henry would be thrown into the Watch House to await trial for murder. A State forensic pathologist had concluded that Henry held Anna-Jane by the ankles and pushed her down into the bathwater to drown. Two trials later a jury agreed and Henry was sent to prison for life.

What he and his defence team didn’t know was that the forensic pathologist’s reputation was unravelling even before his trial had begun. Eventually he would be exposed as unqualified in key areas of expertise and his conclusions would be debunked. And yet Henry’s long sentence continued.

In this devastating Sunday Night investigation, Mike Willesee examines key failures in the case and Henry Keogh speaks for the first time about his cruel ordeal at the hands of Australian justice.

As you’ll see, the case and the way in which so many Australians became utterly convinced of Henry’s guilt is comparable with the notorious travesties of the Lindy Chamberlain case.

And among those once resolutely sure of Henry Keogh’s guilt is Faye Hambour. Henry and Faye married in April.

This SUNDAY NIGHT Major Investigation hosted by Melissa Doyle airs on Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven.


Who writes these things?


Seven has appointed former 60 Minutes and Inside Story executive producer Hamish Thomson as the new EP of Sunday Night, replacing the outgoing Steve Taylor.


Sunday 24 July at 7:00pm


Carl Williams was a baby-faced, cold-blooded killer – one of the most violent criminals Australia has ever known.
His lust for power triggered Melbourne’s gangland war that left more than 30 dead.
But Carl Williams’ reign of terror ended when he was jailed for murder in 2005.

And his life ended ignominiously five years later when he was bashed to death by a fellow prisoner.
The Carl Williams story was over … or so we thought.

Now, in a major investigation, Sunday Night has gained access to his jailhouse computer.
Inside are documents and personal letters containing explosive revelations and confessions. Among them, Williams reveals why he became a callous killer.

But the diaries also reveal another side to this notorious gangland figure; Carl the family man.
And for the first time, his 15-year-old daughter, Dhakota, and step-daughter, Breanane, share a very different side of their infamous dad.

In a remarkably candid interview with reporter Steve Pennells, Dhakota, Breanane and their mother Roberta open the door on a secretive world. They tell of a doting, loving dad … but are also remarkably frank about his horrible crimes.

This SUNDAY NIGHT Major Investigation hosted by Melissa Doyle airs on Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven.


Sunday 31 July at 7:00pm

This is a story that’s close to our hearts here at Sunday Night. Sally Obermeder is host of Seven’s The Daily Edition, a colleague and a friend. Five years ago, Sally experienced the greatest high and the most devastating low of her life – all in the space of a few weeks. First, the sheer joy of welcoming her first child into the world but then the shocking discovery she had breast cancer. Throughout her battle to beat the cancer, Sally nurtured a seemingly impossible dream; she wanted to have more kids. So she had four embryos frozen in the hope that one day that dream could be realised. It hasn’t been an easy road, but, as Rahni Sadler reports, the love and kindness of a stranger on the other side of the world is helping to make that wish come true.

An ocean separates Australia and America but when our swimmers meet in Rio next week the distance between us will be measured in hundredths of a second. For as long as the Olympic Games have been running, there’s been no greater rivalry than our two swimming teams. From the very beginning, it’s been a war in the water – bitter rivalries, secret tactics and wild one-eyed patriotism. On the eve of the next clash, Sunday Night investigates which nation has bragging rights when it comes to being the fittest, the fastest and who will finish first.

British comic genius Ricky Gervais loves nothing more than taking the mickey out of those who deserve it the most. He of the quick wit and razor-sharp tongue has Hollywood ducking for cover at the annual Golden Globes. But for his latest comedic adventure, Ricky has gone back to where his fame began – the hit TV series The Office. As Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen discovered, Ricky’s character David Brent is just as mad even when he leaves the office.

This edition of SUNDAY NIGHT hosted by Melissa Doyle airs on Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven.


Chris Bath doing a special report for the show when it returns after the Olympics finish.


That explains Bathie’s Instagram postings this week. I wonder why Mel wasn’t given this story instead.


In the promo it says “close friend Chris Bath” so I think its a personal story for Chris


Ah okay, I just watched it on silent!

Nice to see that there is no bad blood in any case.


Bathie is a close personal friend of the Stratton family and was asked to cover the story. It was very last minute. She is just freelancing.
She was in Canada last week so it will be interesting to see if she’s been doing another story as well.


Sunday 28 August at 8:00pm


Like hundreds of thousands of other young Australians, Adelaide Stratton had been planning and saving for it for years – that first trip away from home to see the world.

But for many following this annual rite of passage, there’s a new menace: random acts of senseless terror.

And so it was for Adelaide and three of her young Aussie mates, when the adventure of a lifetime came to a brutal and bloody end.

The recent Nice terrorist attack left Adelaide critically injured and fighting for her life.

But in those first crucial moments, as all those around her were dying, a stranger would become her saviour.

Chris Bath is a close friend of the Strattons and has followed Adelaide on her slow and painful road to recovery.

This week, Chris returns to Sunday Night with this very personal story. We hear from Adelaide for the first time and the brave man who saved her life.


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