Studio 10


Whilst I am impressed by the new set, it bugs me that I can read the autocue in the reflection during Tarsh’s news updates.


It gives a sense of movement.


Today’s girl power on and behind the camera:

I think the idea here was that Peck is one of the leading (only) sports hosts on the network. But, I do agree with what you are saying. Why her when there are far more inspiration and outspoken women, both S10 regulars and well-renowned- Lisa Wilkinson, Carlotta, Jane Caro, Anjali Rao, Narelda Jacobs, Gretel Kileen…





Also from today’s show cooking and a performance.


That looks so good. Screen is big enough you don’t have any bezel in shot. If the studio 10 backdrop wasn’t there, and the kitchen was extended the whole way across, you’d have no idea it was fake.


What a perfect use of that massive screen :+1:t2:


Today marks one year since Jess announced she was leaving:

Hard to believe.


This fancy new chroma ‘key’ is so smart that it doesn’t matter what coloured tie you wear on set :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

But in all seriousness, this does look nice!


Absolutely fascinating anniversary. Happy 1st anniversary to all concerned.


Probably couldn’t source an image of that quality that was big enough :joy:


Monday -

Sarah hosting with Angela, Joe and Merrick Watts on the panel.


Sarah, Angela and Joe left at around 10.20am to attend John Kennerley’s funeral.
Tarsh took over hosting with Merrick Watts, Yvie Jones and Richard Reid on the panel.
Sarah said Kerri -Anne will return to the show at the end of the month.



Tarsh, Richard Reid, Yvie & Merrick Watts continuing hosting duties while Sarah, Ange & Joe attend John’s funeral this morning.


Hugh Riminton taking over news updates now.


Coverage of funeral at end of show


AAP via News

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Pretty good of studio ten to show some coverage of the funeral .However I do question what was the point of the hosts showing up to work and then taking off for the funeral? Would have been better to just have a whole guest panel to host from the beginning.

Otherwise nicely done .