Studio 10


They probably belong on the old set too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Media release said ratings are 10% up over the last four months.
Interesting, good to see, the quality is getting better. They need a decent set launch tomorrow and a daily fifth panelist.


Tamara has done a great job in a matter of weeks (has had to revert many poor choices the show made). Looks to be paying off hiring an international producer- ratings hover in the 60,000 now.


Agreed, the show is becoming more watchable. Looking forward to seeing the set tomorrow.
As the show has clearly demonstrated before, the only way is up.


It looks like a Beats headphone


New set looks fantastic for Studio 10! The desk is perfection.


Switched the 10 logo for a Studio 10 logo


New opener as well which is sooo good!!


New opener featuring the hosts getting ready for the show which looks good. Denise Drysdale is now labelled as “Ding Dong” and Tarsh is now also in the opener.


tash still at the newsroom backdrop



Holy smokes :open_mouth: Looks fantastic!


It looks really great! I would have liked a new desk so that there was a point of difference between news and entertainment show, also, I can’t see more than 4 people at that desk without it looking cramped!

Overall, it looks fantastic.


Looks absolutely amazing! Can tell the team are loving it too.



That looks insane.
This set was MADE for the show!

10 has shown Seven what a real versatile set should be like!

Ten News First Content and Appearance


Now that’s more like it from Studio 10 after almost two years of that cheap layout from the ‘Blue Horizon’ plan.


Any caps?


Different perspective, appears to be from the control room?

Also 2 different views of Tarsh presenting news