Studio 10


Or Sarah and Tarsh for the newsier show going up against Georgie and Deb on Today.

They would need to find a competent bus driver for Studio 10 though.




I’d have Tarsh drive Studio 10 and have Ange move from the panel to present entertainment alongside a Lisa, Hamish & Sarah three-way brekky show.


children are watching! :open_mouth:


Sarah has two babies. Doubt she wants to return to the cut throat nine. Ten should use her more but I dare say she is quite happy at the moment.

Could be proven wrong though.


Monday & Tuesday -

Sarah is back hosting with Kerri-Anne, Jo Casemento and Joe on the panel.

Monday -
Angela Bishop is on the Golden Globes Red Carpet.


Is this the first live show of the year?


Jan 1st was, they’ve been live for a week now.


Tuesday -

Angela Bishop is reporting on the Golden Globes sitting at the desk on the Entertainment Tonight set in Los Angeles this morning


Beau Pearson from 10 Perth is in Sydney this month covering the roving reporter role, presumably while Scott Tweedie is in South Africa for Celebrity and Robbo is MIA.


Ten thinks that teasing some animals is ok. If someone was annoying a dolphin The Project would, rightly, be all over it.


How are they teasing an animal? They’re in a reptile park, feeding a croc under the supervision of professionals?

Or are you saying that they’re teasing it cause, unlike the rest of the media, it didn’t get to snack on a Studio 10 employee?


Ange on the Entertainment Tonight set, I’m not sure what it is but the lighting and perspective from this set is amazing as evident in this clip.


Any chance Ange might chat to Nancy O’Dell and Kevin Frazier?


She has chatted to Nancy O’Dell on previous visits on the set of ET.


Thanks @Salty. I’ll have to see if that’s online anywhere.



Thanks @Travis. Saved me looking for them. :slight_smile:


Australian TV lighting is so bad compared to overseas. It was evident on Rove LA when he shot there.


Is Robbo not with the show anymore?