Studio 10


Boxing Day-

Pre-recorded show with Sarah hosting.
Denise Scott,Kerri-Anne and Vince Sorrenti on the panel


Normal live shows resume 1st January apparently.


Do we have a date for when Tarsh starts reading the morning news on the show?


@Nicholas I would assume on the first live show for 2019?


I’m tipping the 7th? first full week of the year…


It will be whenever Tamara starts as EP.


January 14 Tamara starts.


then I’d probably change my tip to either Jan 21 or the start of Feb.


Thursday 27 December -

Sarah hosting with Jono Coleman, Susie Elelman, Joe and Angela on the panel.


They are repeats aren’t they? Summer Series?


New episodes which were pre-recorded and showing old interviews and clips etc.


So this show will have an actual EP now? Good luck to her, she is going to need it.


Yes. And one with some international experience


She was senior executive producer of the Canadian edition of Entertainment Tonight… Interesting times ahead in 2019.


Friday 28 December -

Sarah hosting with Jono Coleman,Joe and Antoinette Lattouf on the panel.


This is where they store part of the Studio 10 Panelling after the show is finished. A friend of mine who works on the show took this.


Monday 31 December -
Pre-recorded show

Sarah hosting with Jo Casamento, Peter Berner and Angela Bishop on the panel.



Show back Live tomorrow


Georgia Love is hosting next week and doing Melbourne weather for next 3 weeks.