Studio 10


Be interesting to see what happens with summer Studio 10 this year and if they are on christmas day like normal.


Doubt it. I know they are not doing a Christmas song ever again- Sarah said that it is “something even better”.


Not surprising considering “brussel sprout gate” last year


Christmas panto?


You could be onto something there, get Bonnie Lythgoe in to produce it.


Something is happening.


We could’ve had ‘Brussel Sprout Gate 2’ with KAK the new target! :rofl:


I have a feeling KAK would pelt one back!


Do it! If you get upset about a brussel sprout getting thrown at you as a joke…you are unaustralian! :+1::wink:


Wednesday -

Natarsha Belling hosting with Denise,Joe and Angela on the panel.


Tarsh is doing a much better job than Ange does.


Love Tarsh, that camera work at the start was a little messy though.


Thursday -

Tarsh filling in for Sarah again today.


Since the refresh last month, they moved the ‘soft set’ interviews over to the cooking area:

Looks much better IMO.


Definitely looks better, but could be better still if they had a small rise for that section and nicer couches.

I daresay that desk they are using now is harder to constantly move and thus is a little more restrictive of the space in front of the screens.


Needs more circles on the set. They haven’t overdone that at all.


The couches look great. What does a riser add to it?


Those white tub chairs looks like someone’s plucked them out of someone’s office down the hallway, they also look terrible and cluttered when there is more than 3 being used.

The riser would elevate them a little, when seated everything looks very low - especially as there is a screen behind them which for the most part is generally out of shot as shown above.


Friday -

Angela Bishop hosting with Peter Berner,Rhonda Burchmore.
Joe is running late stuck in traffic apparently…


Interesting panel today!