Studio 10


Sarah, Denise, KAK and Joe on the panel this Monday.


Peter van Onselen appeared on the panel this morning.


Cassandra Thorburn is on the panel tomorrow.


Thanks for the warning, definitely won;'t be watching :slight_smile:
Watching this morning and Peter is quite good. Glad Ten manged to nab him from Evil SkyBear News.


Does KAK just show up whenever she wants now? Isn’t this her week off? Wasn’t she only suppose to be doing every 2nd Mon/Tue?


Every Monday and Tuesday. It is the Denises that alternate every week.


theres only one Denise atm lol


When there’s two Denises. ATM someone new is alternating with Denise Scott every week.


Ok they should call them Denise then. don’t care who it is. Toni Pearon, Peter Burner. They get called Denise.


Great to finally see Tarsh a regular , one of my favourite 10 personalities I do pick that they will relaunch a morning bulletin it would be great if it was similar to Tv3 Nz former show Firstline only time will tell.


Denise Substitutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fake Denise. :wink:


Sometimes she swaps her usual days which are Monday and Tuesday every week.
I think last week she did Monday and Wednesday.


I guess they’re flexible for when she has other things to do or make herself available to record interviews.


Doesn’t she also look after her husband as well? It could be family stuff as well.


Sarah, Denise, KAK and Joe on the panel this Tuesday as Ange is on assignment. Cassandra Thorburn is the 5th panellist.


Great serve from Cass this morning in regards to No Idea and their ‘news’ about interviewing her even though she’s never been interviewed by them. She encouraged people to never buy tabloids and pathetic ‘news’ parasites such as those.

No Idea is just a f**ked up organisation that should die out with the Daily Fail.


Great addition to the panel this morning, so well spoken and articulated.


Very similar to what she said during her last appearance on the show.
Glad she was on the show again she added a lot to discussions, hopefully we will see her more on the show in 2019.


Sign her up for a regular role on the panel. She is actually a better fit than KAK.