Studio 10


A news bulletin or a repeat of something from the night before would be better. 3.5hrs is far too long and the panel look over it by 11am.


Today’s cooking segment is a prime example why the show needs to cut an hour, or a least 30 minutes.

As Sarah doesn’t work from 11.35-12pm, today we were left with Denise Scott hosting the cooking segment with 5th panellist John Foreman. It was awkward and cringey to say the least, despite John’s attempts at humour.

The hosts can’t handle the full 3.5 hours so we are left to rotating panellists, some (like Denise today) thrown into the deep end.


Maybe they should just create a half hour cooking show with some new hosts which runs in that last half hour.


Wait she doesn’t work for that time?


Yeah that’s kind of weird. So you’re saying they pre record the end bit?


I would personally drop the first 30 minutes, as that 8.30-9.30am is usually the lowest rating block of the three. In the first few weeks, promote that “Studio 10 is the only morning show that actually starts on time…” or something.

Every panellist is away for some many segments, usually of around 30 minutes, to compensate for the extra hour (at least that is what I think it is for. Maybe @blackbox might have an idea why they would do this ). Denise and KAK usually are on the most, and only miss 1-2 segments, I presume due to them only working half-weeks. But everyday, Ange Bishop usually hosts from 11.30 til 12pm and Sarah is back for the closer at 12.02.


I dunno, the Studio 10 cooking segments have never really been very serious. It was an awkward dish to try and cook in the kitchen I think, something different may have made it flow better. I think Denise and John did okay, she’s definitely getting more experience with hosting short segments like with the musical performance today etc.


I was surprised that the line producer allowed it to limp along for as long as it did. Despite Denise teasing it, they ran out of time for Showbiz (and Richard Reid deserved more air time than that cooking segment). Similarly, they had this awful (and rude) interviewee regarding the Health Database yesterday and he went on for more than five minutes. I nearly would have ended the interview after the first question.

The level of cooking competence was never in question just Denise’s inability to string questions together. Put it this way, it would have been far more watchable with Sarah. Surely, you can agree with that.


It was a shambles. The guest didn’t exactly help matters as he constantly tried to take over. Denise even reminded him at one stage she was hosting.


Do you blame him? He actually was very personable in front of th camera. Denise was obviously having a joke with him, nothing serious.


Personally didn’t find him personable at all.


Studio 10 should run 9-11.30am. Slot in a cooking show at 11.30.


Perhaps KAK could run solo at 11?


Friday -
Angela Bishop hosting with Denise,Joe and Toni Pearen on the panel.


What about a show like Loose Women from 11
or 11:30 - 12pm? Could use exactly the same set and camera / production team as Studio 10 with different graphics and backdrops etc.

Get some strong female personalities or mummy types… Toni Pearen, Chezzi Denyer, Talitha Cummins, Anjali Rao, Jo Stanley, Meshel Laurie etc.


Is Loose Women really any different from Studio 10 apart from the obvious token man?


I dare say there would not be the budget for that, especially not a cast like loose women, even on a rotating basis.


Loose women on Peach?


Well, if they’re going to keep alienating men. Then why not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Jono Coleman in a dress, wig and lipstick hosting a quiz show on Studio 10 this morning. Honestly what is this, the footy show? What a turn off.