Studio 10


Hi Rob not having a go at you. I appreciate your insights into the industry as much as the next member here. It’s just that I felt like everything you talk about Studio 10 is negative negative negative. I respect your opinions but also would suggest if you talk about some positive thins about the show.



Have you listened to the podcast? His comments the last 2 weeks, whilst they always get quite in depth (I suspect there’s still some sort of connection to the show that he built) I felt have been overwhelmingly positive about the show.


Can we stop pleas I want to talk about studio 10 (no offense rob) if you wanna discuss his podcast maybe create a separate thread for that?

Does anyone know who’s on the panel today?


Tim Campbell is 5th panellist joining Denise,Joe, Angela and Sarah.


You can always check 10play where they have a description of today’s show for the live stream.

Sarah, Denise, Joe and Ange bring the latest news and hot topics, and are joined by Tim Campbell on the panel. Find out what you need to know about My Health Record, chat with Christine Anu, and bust diet myths.


I have also noticed lately my Foxtel EPG does update every morning to include who is actually on the panel on that particular day.



The Morning Show

It’s true though. Both of them worked in news/sport before The Morning Show.


Sweet I have to do it from my phone ten is blocked from being access at work :grinning:


One of their piece-to-camera promos with all of the team:

A newly-recorded Infomericial with the updated package (they even aired one from the old set today!):

The modified secondary presentation area (used for cooking and soft set interviews now). They replaced the old plasma with, what appears to be, the second plasma from the desk. I notice that they have added the new logo to the cooking bench and plants on the bookshelf.

Some other graphics that have not been uploaded:

And blue for showbiz:


How dare they. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The more I see this look, the more it grows on me. Only thing I dont like is the light green supa. It just looks too plain and, as mentioned above, sometimes looks squashed.


They just need to type in less words. It should be a headline not an essay. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You good?


I am when you get that reaction from me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Damn that spell correction on my mobile phone. :crazy_face:


I agree. There is something not quite right with that backdrop in the “promo” for tomorrow with the team though? It looks dull… maybe it’s the plasma is on the way out and it’s contrast/saturation is off after all those years of blue on it for News and Studio 10?
It seems to be the same plasma they are using for the secondary set. If you look at both of those caps posted earlier and compare them, on the infomercial cap it also looks dull.


They both go for 2.5 Hours. Studio 10 used to be 2.5 Hours until they extended to 3.5 last year.


You want it cut down but then you’ll all complain about the show that replaces it in the last hour! It’s great there is live tv going in the morning. You don’t need to watch it all morning.