Studio 10


Correct so far nothing of Ita in the highlight packages plenty of Jess and Ding Dong…


I wonder if Ita requested to not be included…she clearly doesn’t like a fanfare ala her announcement of leaving and was it 2 just days later gone with a bunch of flowers


Sarah mentioned Denise Drysdale is in hospital at the moment she is not to well so won’t be on today, and Robbo is on a bit of break at the moment she said…


Special guest is Jessica Rowe.
Sarah mentioned we tried to get Ita Buttrose on the show but she is busy hosting an Woman’s Networking lunch in WA today she said.


Why does some of the audience have on a dunce’s cap?

Any mention of the former executive producer?


Denise Drysdale on the phone.


Glad she was able to have a quick chat today.


Ita wasn’t totally removed from highlights.


Wow, a shout out to @blackbox!


Yes Joe thanked everyone behind the scenes including the current executive producer Lucy and Rob in the closer and said can you stop saying mean things about us now peace.
Rob tweeted nice things about the show this morning.


Who is the guy dressed as Ita in that Halloween shot?


Joel Creasy


:joy: I thought it might have been but wasn’t sure. It was a classic.


Hildebrand retweeted McKnight, very nice.

Hildebrand has blocked me on Twitter … though he probably doesn’t realise that blocking doesn’t stop the person reading the tweets unless it is a private account.


Can I just say that i love the personality on the channel 10 twitter account


It’s fun. Don’t be a Debbie Downer.


I agree. Who ever they have recently brought in to manage their social media presence has done a bang up job thus far for the most part.


I wasnt! I really do love it. Its great to see them have some fun :slight_smile:


Sorry. I must have misread your comment. I thought you were having a go at them. Yes it’s great.


Birthday surprise.