Studio 10


Angela hosting again today, Georgia Love filling in.

Edit: It sounds like the show is using a laugh track now, sounds trrrible imo.


Surely not. Maybe they just have a more enthusiastic audience today than usual sleepy ones.

It happens on The Project some nights. They had one audience this week that seemed to be way over enthusiastic and laughing a lot louder and longer than usual nights.


I think Denise Scott has really settled in and the studio audience seems to be getting behind her a lot more now which is helping make the show a lot more fun again.


Friday -


I heard it yesterday too and doubted myself, but feel like I heard it again today so I’m pretty sure.


Angela mentioned a huge week is planned for the shows 5th birthday next week with a birthday party show on Friday.


Ang mentioned the whole gang will be there next friday for the 5th birthday party. Would be telling if Denise Drysdale isnt there, as even though she is “on a break” she could make a one-off appearance.

Would also be nice to see messages from Jess & Ita but i know thats not gonna happen!


It could even be just a video message or live cross to Ding Dong that would be nice.
Whole gang would include KAK?


Would be also interesting if former off-air staff send messages?


Ita, Denise, and some Brussel Sprouts.


There are Brussel Sprout detectors at the studios these days.


Why was there a “LIVE” bug on screen this morning when it’s the Weekend Edition?

Also, I’m pretty sure they just repeated an interview just now which also screened on yesterday. Is that because they are trying to only show bits from the two eps this week which have the new on-screen look?



They did another promo like this on Thursday night with Ange and Joe- for what was coming up on Friday. I like it over the usual V/O one.


Monday -
Kerri-Anne Kennerley is back today after being away for two weeks.

Looking back at the first year of the show today…


Joe Hildebrand can sing :open_mouth: but he prefers to do it in drag. :laughing:


Is that why Carlotta was sacked, Joe didn’t want any competition?



Who’s third from the left, and where is Kerri-Anne Kennerley?


Kerri-Anne. Back. Centre. In pink standing next to Joe.

Angela Bishop. 3rd from the left.