I’m glad this time things are playing out quite publicly and people aren’t taking it lying down from the anti groups. They’re being called out for their lies and deceptive statements and even worse photoshop attempts.

I actually sent off a letter to all the MLC’s, the three party leaders and a couple of others the other day. Not expecting too many replies but I’ve had two so far. I did end it with a quote from Eminem though which I thought was pretty cool.

According to an architect in Hobart who has turned out to be the husband of Clark MP Andrew Wilkie’s chief of staff this is what the stadium will look like based on the only available measurements. Apparently they believe this is realistic, despite the actual measurements being included in the official documents released months ago showing about 28m height at the outside and the highest point being about 40m. Not 40m all around and not butted up against all the buildings around the area and looking like a water tank. Apparently the arches are there to support the weight of the sound equipment and stuff for concerts…
Andrew Wilkie also took it upon himself to arrange a meeting with the AFL the other week to say that 90% of Tasmanians are against the stadium and the idea is absolutely toxic up north. He used made up figures and others that were based from a small sample size in October last year well before any detail was out about everything.

With representation like him, the Lord Mayor of Hobart and the state opposition parties, this is why we can’t have nice things.

But it wouldn’t look like that. The stadium isn’t going to be a concrete circle.


Exactly. There’s big billboards around Hobart though with that as the picture “because the government won’t release any details so we had to make it up based on the only measurements available.”

Despite all the details they and parliament keep claiming don’t exist being found here.

Tasmania’s new Arts, Entertainment and Sports Precinct, Macquarie Point, Hobart | Department of State Growth

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New names for stadia during World Cup

New names for FIFA Women’s World Cup stadiums

  • Brisbane Stadium (Suncorp Stadium)
  • Stadium Australia, Sydney (Accor Stadium)
  • Sydney Football Stadium (Allianz Stadium)
  • Melbourne Rectangular Stadium (AAMI Park)
  • Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide (Coopers Stadium)
  • Perth Rectangular Stadium (HBF Park)
  • Eden Park, Auckland (no change)
  • Dunedin Stadium (Forsyth Barr Stadium)
  • Wellington Regional Stadium (Sky Stadium)
  • Waikato Stadium, Hamilton (FMG Stadium Waikato)

Suncorp underwent its transformation:

Suncorp Stadium's sign is coming down, with banners going up as the venue transforms for the @FIFAWWC. It will be known as 'Brisbane Stadium' for the duration of the tournament. #FIFAWWC #7NEWS

— 7NEWS Brisbane (@7NewsBrisbane) July 7, 2023


Not new, these are all their normal “ABC names” and international match names.

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I don’t understand why Suncorp Stadium can’t be called Lang Park during the FIFA Women’s World Cup?

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The reason being is that international guests don’t know what that refers to. Heck, if you asked someone who didn’t know Rugby League where they thought Lang Park was they wouldn’t have a clue. People watching won’t hear “Lang Park” and think Brisbane.


Turns out that Brisbane Stadium is the official name of the stadium


Is this the first time they have had temporary rebranding though?

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No it wouldn’t have been, given they have all hosted World Cup Qualifiers or Rugby League/Rugby Union World Cup matches.


These naming rights deals must have clauses to allow for this, otherwise I wouldn’t be happy paying millions to have it covered during the tournament.

I’d say so and when it’s for a relatively short period it’s ok. Most people will still refer to it as the usual name out of habit - eg Suncorp. But then others from around the world if they google Brisbane Stadium the top links are stories and the official page for Suncorp Stadium so the corporate names are still going to be easily found.


Yes, it would be agreed to when you sign it, for example, for FIFA matches or for ICC matches etc.

The plaques were initially covered up as part of FIFA’s “clean site” policy.


Evidently a mistake or miscommunication based on the branding on those plaques. There is no chance that there was a directive to cover Warren’s plaque.

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This kind of thing isn’t left to chance, there would have been considerable planning and preparation undertaken that would more then likely have been signed off by someone at FIFA before implementation

I would wager there is something on the two plaques that has been considered to be a brand reference and it’s been done out of an abundance of caution

FIFA having a clean site policy is laughable, must be the only thing overseen by the body that is clean


That’s literally what was said in the article and I said “based on the branding”. There’s an “SCG Trust” logo on them and an individual statue sponsor logo on some.

I didn’t see the age article prior to now, most of the early reporting seemed to omit the logo reference

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