Sports Broadcasting in Australia

There are no Australian or NZ broadcaster for the FIFA Club World Cup currently underway, according to FIFA.
Here is the complete list:

Optus Sport broadcasted the 2019 and 2020 editions of Club World Cup - the current tournament is 2021 which was pushed back from late last year.


News Corp is reporting today that Barty’s retirement is likely to have a significant impact on the next round of summer sports rights - claiming that Cricket will be the ‘unlikely beneficiary’.

Not sure I buy that premise - Cricket’s situation with TV rights is perilous, the only product worth any real money is the test matches (and that’s at the whim of the form of the opposing side). The value of white ball cricket has been damaged by poor (elongated) competition and a broadcast deal that’s not delivering.

Probably the only real thing of value from the article:

Channel 7 declared back in February that it was prepared to gun for the Australian Open rights once again, setting up the prospect of a fierce bidding war with tennis broadcaster Channel 9.

It was a chilling reality check for Cricket Australia, because when asked whether Channel 7 could take back tennis and still hold its current cricket rights at the same time, chief executive James Warburton confirmed the answer was “no”.

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Newscorp bashing to make it easier for themselves.

It appears that a Indian-based Paramount linked company (Viacom18) has picked up the IPL rights for Australia (as part of a package of international markets) - wonder if this will see the IPL on P+


Will be good for 10 as cricket rights are up for auction in Australia in two summers from now. Cricket on 10/P+ is a possibility if IPL is on P+ from next season.

Unless Fox or Stan or someone else makes an offer that is too good to refuse you’d think it might just end up on P+ (with maybe the final on 10 although I’d doubt it).


It will be interesting to see if anyone is interested - Fox has had it in the last few years, but more as filler for Fox Cricket - before that there were periods where if I recall correctly no-one had the rights and you had to watch via the IPL’s YouTube feed

The tournament doesn’t appear to attract a large following in Australia (outside of the Indian diaspora) - the timing of games is probably a factor in that too. I recall the amount that the BCCI and associated entities wanted for the rights in the past was excessive too

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Interesting. Good purchase from them. They would be able to have streams in English and the various Indian languages.

Does on-selling to broadcasters include streaming rights? Fox won’t buy it without streaming rights.

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I thought Viacom18/Paramount picked up rights for the IPL in those territories? Are they on-selling them to DAZN? Bit weird if so, considering the tweet suggests they are then considering selling the rights to broadcasters.


DAZN has been negotiating with Viacom18 to on-acquire the rights to those territories.

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