Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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Slightly off-topic, but I’ve heard “Don’t Get Me Wrong” by The Pretenders on 2MMM this afternoon. I just thought it’s an amazing coincidence given the above post. :wink:



Good song though, fits the format well. Hopefully in time they’ll move the pieces around a little and widen the mix.


I know everybody has different music tastes but I prefer the regional Triple M’s over the Metros any day. 3MMM is all Guns and Roses, AC/DC, The Doors etr. At least the regionals has variety with a little bit of pop in the mix with new, Country thru to classics. The metro play list is so “safe” you can almost pick the next song . Away on hols at the moment and loving listening to 103.5 Triple M Hervey Bay


Regional Triple M’s apart from the Classic Hits stations play way too much new stuff, especially Shawn Mendes :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with you on the metro Triple Ms at the moment. So narrow and safe with the playlist. The same over flogged rock songs on a continual loop. They’ve gotten really bad lately.

You should also be able to sample Rebel 106.7 and Zinc 96.1 in the Bay, at least in the car. Although both aren’t as strong as they are in Maryborough.


More a punishment than a holiday. Have fun in the city of the newly-weds and nearly deads as my farming cousins around there encounter weekly.

Yes, as @Brianc68 suggested. try for Zinc 96 or Rebel.


Reception a bit patching on Fraser Island in places but will try rebel today


Rebel is at a much lower output and different site on the main TV TX location, Mt Goonaneman; however, western coast of Fraser should have some coverage including: barge and ferry landings from River Heads/Urangan, Kingfisher Bay resort, Moon Point, Coongul Creek, Wathumba Creek (watch out for FNQ style jellyfish there).

Bundaberg FM signals from much lower and lower output site, The Hummock will also be available here.

Zinc should be fine on the eastern coast, 75mi Beach up to Waddy Point/Orchid Beach. Bald Knob (southern Sunshine Coast main site) is often easily receivable here too.

@Adrian let us know how you go, when you get mobile signal of course.


And Pink, and Maroon 5…


Not sure if it’s just because of the holidays or not, but 864 Toowoomba seems to have ditched Classic Hits and gone to the Feels Good log :frowning:


I have noted the new songs have been slowly creeping in, even heard “Everything But The Girl -Missing” one night when I walked past the producers area for 4GR while in the 4AK/4WK/4GR/Hot FM studios
Would expect to hear that played on 4AK due to it been a FM format, but certainly not 4GR been it is usually classic hits


The next time Hit and MMM play Morgan Evans- Day Drunk at the bloody same time, I will give those dumb execs at Gold Coast Sca, some repetition of their own!!!


Forget at the same time, try at all!


Classic Hit stations today are once again taking the music that makes you feel good log.


Poor buggers :sob:


Remember the days when each station had their own log, own MD?

When RG Capital or perhaps prior to Sea FM Ltd acquired stations from APN being 4RO, 4MB and 4GR, the music log was then sourced from Toowoomba, long term staffer David Burton may have been there doing it, prior to his couple of years on the Gold Coast.

Toowoomba was the home of the oldest music heard across the network (much smaller network then), yet considerably more modern, AC leaning than the dreary music 4MB ran in APN’s time in the early 90’s.


The border 90.1 Triple M was awful yesterday, the same song kept repeating over and over and then the 3 o clock news was rushed without idents, weather was speed read and then no 4 o clock news… I don’t know what problems they were having but it sounded awful.

Random Radio

That what happens when the station is to reliant on networked programming rather than having some local programming over the holiday break.


are you referring to Albury and listening on repeater?

I would suggest that Zetta had a meltdown from what you’re describing - sounds like it needed a hard reboot.


Yes, I was listening on 90.1 which I assume is the repeater for Omeo or Corryong or one of those.