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Referring to it as a “Social Media Empire” is a massive stretch.

  • Social media giant X says it will not comply with requests from the eSafety commissioner to take down content referencing the Wakeley stabbing.
  • Owner of X Elon Musk called the commissioner the “Australian censorship commissar”.
  • What’s next? Government ministers say they expect social media companies to comply with Australian law and protect the community, and are prepared for a fight in court.
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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese responds to Elon Musk’s dismissal after court orders X to hide Sydney stabbing videos globally

Videos of the violent Sydney church stabbing attack must be temporarily hidden from all users of Elon Musk’s social media platform X, Australia’s Federal Court has ruled. It has led to a war of words between Musk and Anthony Albanese.

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The US Senate has passed a bill that will ban Tiktok across the country, unless its parent company ByteDance sells the app to an American-owned company within nine months.

Update 25/4

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Communications Minister Michelle Rowland said Labor would set up a joint House of Representatives and Senate committee on the influence of social media in Australia, noting “the negative impacts these companies can have on our society.”

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Twitter officially changed its URL to X dot com. I noticed the change tonight.

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i will still choose to call it Twitter, X is still such a silly name


Absolutely Team Chris Minns here!

He really is going for social media! Good on him. Ban that filth. It’s just made our world so much worse. It’s not worth it. Get rid of all of it!

?? What’s happened?

He wants it banned for anyone under 16 years old.

It’s a start!

Premier Pete in SA has called for something similar recently too - I’m just not sure how you actually enforce it. Theoretically, you need to be 13 or older to sign up for Facebook/X/Instagram but that doesn’t seem to stop people younger.

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The solution to enforcing it is to ban every social media platform in Australia and remove it completely.

Michael Wipfli is co-founder of the 36 months campaign. In the interview on The Project he mentioned something about two phase recognition for accessing social media.

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