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Disappointed that Terry Kennedy will leave the Big Sports Breakfast tomorrow. Hopefully he is not lost to radio. Would be a great pick up for MSR. He will leave a big hole to fill at Sky Sports.

I’m interested to see who replaces him - Stuey Clark or Jimmy Smith maybe?

The Sunday Telegraph is reporting that Sky Sports Radio has earmarked Fox Sports stars Matty Johns, Yvonne Sampson and Gorden Tallis to replace Terry Kennedy on Big Sports Breakfast next year.

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TAB Corp would have the war chest to do so as well.

I guess Fox League wouldn’t have a problem with them appearing on the Sky1 simulcast of the show…

Michael Clarke to join the show? Can’t see full story as behind a DT paywall

Yes. From The Daily Telegraph:

This was confirmed by the Daily Telegraph today.

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The Sunday Telegraph reports Sky Racing’s Jaimee Rogers is joining Big Sports Breakfast on Monday (June 14), delivering the latest news to the sports-loving audience.

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