Sky News on WIN


I’d take the old Weather Channel on WIN anyday!


I wouldn’t. They’ll find a way to bugger that up.


That’s because Sky’s talk programming is progressively moving into summer recess and is likely to be replaced by FSN.

Additional live news is problematic because those bulletins would need to be free of 7 and 9 video and over summer the networks are a significant content source.


That can explain Sunday programming but the night time talking heads are still their all this week and still have repeats scheduled after midnight so hopefully this is a permanent change although I would not mind another hour of live Sky News during the afternoon

This has come up from time to time but Sky these days using 7 & 9 news content is very limited, surely having an extra hour of Sky News On SNOW in the afternoon would not be too hard unless you are suggesting that over summer they will cut back and source more content from 7 & 9


It’s not just packages and content directly identifiable as 7 and 9… there’s any vision that’s shot by a network camera that may be used as overlay or used in a Sky package. There’s more of it in use than you might think.

They could easily do an extra hour, but they’re not going to prejudice the main product more than they’re commercially obliged to.

There’s a reason the only live hour of general news in 10am


That already is a thing on Saturday nights and it’s a hideous!



As far as the elimination of the daytime repeats are concerned, I can only hope that’s permanent too.

It could be that there’s a lot of sport happening and FSN will offer live updates during play.

The idea of repeating feature programming is kind of last century anyway, if you can’t watch it live then most people can either set their PVR or watch it on demand.


And huge chunks of Bolt etc get posted on Twitter and Facebook.


“Best of Credlin”

There’s three words that don’t belong together.


Well don’t watch it. Simple?


Much like Sky News and WIN Television - it’s a joke.

If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Simple?


Watching Fox Sports News is like watching an amature reginal newscast from the mid 90s.

It’s awful.


Sky have ripped the guts out of it and so much talent has left FS News since they moved over 18 months ago. Abbey Gelmi, Glenn Lauder, Zac Bailey, Emma Lawrence, Louise Ransom…just to name a few.


I fully agree, soon as they made the transfer to be with Sky it went downhill.


Sometimes the match scores on the bottom ticker are weeks old!


Yeah, Sky definitely ruined what was a very good product.


Just like what they did with The Weather Channel when that got taken over too.


Appropriate it’s on WIN then…


If that’s true it’s got nothing to do with Sky.
The ticker is maintained by Fox Sports digital which is still at Gore Hill and under the general Fox Sports umbrella.


That’s a little harsh.

While there are areas where improvements could be made Paul Gregg and his team created what was generally an excellent product given the budget limitations placed upon it by NewsCorp not Sky News.

Plus it went from a sports headline service with just 4 to 5 hours live programming a day to 20 hours live a day.

Yes, people left because they weren’t interested in the news channel workflow that was required. That’s entirely legitimate and it was their choice… but it’s not necessarily indicative of a failure by Sky.

And yes, the channel is under resourced. But the shots are being called by Holt Street.