Sky News on WIN


Given the content on this channel, Comic Sans would’ve been totally appropriate.


So I turned on the tv as I’m home today and it’s Andrew Bolt talking about how climate change is not real and Australia has had better wheat harvests since 1900 and Australia is getting wetter and criticizing Mediawatch and the ABC lol .


Similarly, I’ve been home sick today and decided to actually have a bit of a look at SNOW myself, and the Bolt Encore was on at the time as well.
I couldn’t stand any more than a few minutes of it, sensationalist garbage, and he speaks really slowly. Bloody boring!


He needs to drink more scotch on-air as he did the week of the Liberal leadership coup.


I gotta be honest out of all those Opinion shows The Bolt Report has got to be the most boring out of them all. Outsiders is the most entertaining though.


Putting Bolt next to Outsiders makes the former look moderately sane, which indeed may be the whole point.


That’s about the extent of his repertoire which he has rinsed and repeated every week for how many years now.


All I can say now is, thank f**k he isn’t on Ten anymore.


This is The Bolt Report - boring, irrelevant and irrational… BUT he isn’t a member of the Liberal Party - SO who cares about his opinions?


Paul Murray is still referring to the ABC as Channel 2. He seemingly can’t let the phrase A B C pass his lips.


He has some bizarre reasoning for it but I cannot for the life of me remember what it is. He is such a juvenile prick. He is really condescending to his audience, sarcastic and smarmy. Such a vile individual.


Glad I am not the only that thinks he’s a prick :stuck_out_tongue: I am not sure why he refers it to channel 2. Saw a bit of him last night watched PML for danbear related purposes, and i couldn’t wait to switch it off . He’s like the rest of the ring wing mob on that channel after dark, constantly interrupting, attacking the left for no agreeing with him, it’s like whats the point of him even having guests on?


From here on out I’ll be referring to Sky News as channel 601/83/53.


These days it’s channel 103/600/83/53.


Scrap that. I’ll just refer to it as “that waste of broadcast spectrum” instead.


I still call it channel 2 occasionally, would’ve thought the reason was fairly obvious.


Murray calls it Channel 2 on purpose because he hates the ABC, not because of a long standing habit like me occasionally referring to Myer as Grace Bros.


Not only that he calls the ABC Radio stations 2BL, 3LO etc.


I’m not supporting the vile slob, but how is that meant to show derision when ordinary people like me still use those names? I don’t watch him, so is it in the delivery, the tone?


i’ve seen him use the names and he almost spits it out like it’s acid