Sky News on WIN


This is going to be a fun thread!


The worst program on the channel is WIN’s All Australian News. Boring, dull and lazy programming.

Jones looking rather poo faced on QandA, which I’m not really watching with the sound down. He’ll probably rev up tomorrow night on Sky News on WIN.


Noticed that sky news on win during headline news is actually a simulcast of win as both channels had the same ad right up to one second of studio 10 before it cut out


Mediaweek has posted the first overnight share for Sky News on WIN

Same as ABCNews24


That is surprisingly ok for a first night in comparison to the other multichannels. I expected something more like 0.


Certainly respectable figures. I expect most of it to be interest to see what the channel is like. The numbers over the next few weeks will be interesting to see.


Time will only tell, as some people will possibly be watching out of curiosity


1.1 is a solid start.
I’m told the highest rating program for SNOW was The Bolt Report, unsurprisingly.


I have very little chances of watching the majority of multichannels due to the old stale content so no surprise it gets some ratings.



Terrible generalised statement.
The areas that are overly conservative would be well and truly outside the “regional” broadcasters footprint, and more into the “rural” area.

In QLD at least, the state electorate containing the regional cities is nearly always held by Labor, so the cities are generally not conservative, and therefore I think you’d find people in these areas as repulsed by the content of Sky News as in any other major city.


A 24-hour news channel that only shows actually news for about 4 hours per day


I thought it was a sport channel


Is Sky News on WIN available on VAST in the Remote Central/Eastern footprint?


No, because WIN doesn’t broadcast on those bouquets


Wonder how they will broadcast Paul Murray Live will broadcast in Wollongong will it just be at the win news studio and just be broadcast with Geoff Philips as a guest


It seems SNOW Gold Coast gets Queensland ads instead of Northern NSW ads. Don’t know how those ads for tractors, farm equipment and jewellery stores in Mackay will translate?


Central Digital Television (SCA/Imparja JV) is the Ten affiliate in that region.

Central (JV), Darwin (JV) and Spencer Gulf/Broken Hill (solus) are the only regions that WIN does not reach.


Promo that is airing on WIN now the channel has started, both 53 and 83 versions:

It’s also airing on SNOW, without Channel number listed:

Headline News promos:


Do we know how Headline News is performing against its competitors (Today, Sunrise and ABC News Breakfast)?