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###Seven West Media appoints Group Executive, Human Resources

Seven West Media today announced the appointment of Katie McGrath as Group Executive, Human Resources. Ms McGrath will join the senior executive team and report to CEO, Seven West Media, Tim Worner.

Ms McGrath joins Seven West Media from ASX listed Enero Group, where she has been Global Human Resources Director for the past seven years. Prior to joining Enero, Ms McGrath was National Head of Staffing for Bain & Company and has held senior human resources roles for two decades.

Ms McGrath holds a Bachelor of Commerce from UNSW and a Post Graduate degree in Psychology from the University of Sydney.

Ms McGrath will lead human resources across Seven West Media’s businesses, including the Seven Network, Pacific Magazines, the company’s expanding portfolio of digital businesses and ventures, and Seven West Media WA which includes The West Australian and The Sunday Times.

Commenting on her appointment, Tim Worner, CEO, Seven West Media, said: “Katie has an exceptional track record in all aspects of people strategy and leadership. She will lead the development of the most valuable resource we have at Seven West Media, our people.”




Seven has initiated legal action against an anonymous website, one of those that uses a domain privacy service to hide the identity of the owner, as the website has published documents that are in breach of previous court orders related to Amber Harrison.

I’ve actually noticed two anonymous websites and two anonymous Twitter accounts. The legal action by Seven is against " The publisher “X” ".


There has now been a couple of media stories that Ben Roberts-Smith, currently the general manager of Seven Queensland, has been increasingly seen around the Seven headquarters at Pyrmont, fueling speculation that he is in the prime position to replace Tim Worner, if Worner is moved on from his role as Seven CEO.


Seven Group Holdings Appoints Murray Vitlich as Chief Operating Officer

Seven Group Holdings today announced the appointment of Murray Vitlich into the role of Chief Operating Officer.

In this capacity Murray will focus on supporting the operational performance of the businesses across the Group portfolio, contributing to the development and delivery of key SGH strategic initiatives and supporting Group level relationships into key partners and customers.

MD & CEO Ryan Stokes said: “Murray brings an excellent blend of Operational and Industry experience, a relevant strategic and commercial skill set, and a strong executive leadership track record that I’m confident will add value to both the SGH team and the individual businesses.”

Murray’s early career was with Wesfarmers, where he developed through Finance, Project Management and Operational roles, ultimately becoming the CEO for the Australian Railroad Group with them. He then joined UGL as COO, Water Resources Group as CEO and moved to Asciano as their Director Strategy and Business Development in 2012. Most recently Murray was the Director for Patrick at Asciano, including the Terminals & Logistics and Bulk & Automotive Ports Services, leading these until the Asciano acquisition.

He will begin at SGH on 1 June 2017 and report directly to the MD & CEO. There will be no changes to other reporting relationships within the Group.


Amber Harrison, former lover of Seven CEO Tim Worner, has obtained an Australian Federal Court order to force Automattic the US owners of WordPress to remove private emails of hers that have been published on a WordPress website. Harrison was instructed by the court to email the judgement​ to Automattic.

However, Harrison doesn’t know if Automattic has received the email or not, and her lawyers are investigating whether the court order is valid in the US.

The Automattic website privacy policy states that any court order served on them must be from a US court.


Further to the above post, Automattic has told Amber Harrison’s lawyers that they will not be complying with an Australian court order to remove documents from a WordPress​ site and have indicated they will only comply if orders are issued by a US court.


Seven West Media appoints CEO for Seven West Media in Western Australia

Seven West Media today announced the appointment of John Driscoll as CEO of Seven West Media, WA. Mr Driscoll will join the senior executive team and report to CEO, Seven West Media, Tim Worner.

Mr Driscoll joins Seven from Marketforce, Perth’s leading communications agency, where he is Chairman and was CEO. He has nearly three decades experience in media and marketing.

He holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Western Australia and a Master of Business Administration from Edith Cowan University.

He is also Chairman of Rottnest Island Authority, Chairman of Trinity College and Deputy Chairman of Wheelchair Sports Association WA.

Mr Driscoll will lead the continued development of Seven West Media’s businesses in Western Australia including TVW7 Perth, The West Australian, The Sunday Times, and, 20 regional mastheads and Red Wave Radio which includes nine regional stations. He will also oversee Seven West Media’s major shareholding in the Community Newspaper Group.

Commenting on his appointment, Tim Worner, CEO, Seven West Media, said: “John knows Western Australia and has played a very significant role in not only media and marketing but also has deep connections with the community. More than that, he has a proven track record in leading the growth of a media business.

“We are all looking forward to working with him as we grow and get to know even better our huge audience in Western Australia.”


Amber Harrison has conceded defeat in her legal fight against Seven West Media. Harrison tweeted this afternoon she would throw in the towel when the case on a permanent restraining order sought by SWM against her resumes in the NSW Supreme Court on Monday. Harrison has also dropped a separate claim in the Federal Court that the company breached the Fair Work Act and her employment contract.


They must have settled with a handsome cheque outside of court to keep her quiet.


Bruce McWilliam, Seven’s “the ghost who walks”.


It just gets more bizarre.


AFL legend Mark “Bomber” Thompson (played for Essendon & coached Geelong to premierships in 2007 & 2009) has now been embroiled in the Amber Harrison saga:


Derryn Hinch says a Seven executive called him to tell him about a suppression order against Amber Harrison … though at the time Hinch had only met Harrison once during political campaigning and didn’t know who she was. Hinch has subsequently been rumoured to have had an affair with Harrison, a suggestion he has laughed off and denied.




This will bankrupt her.


Either way, she should have thought about that before she broke a confidentiality agreement which she both agreed to and accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars for.


Well that’s good. Well why shouldn’t she ? Like another plaintiff that brings a suite against anyone or corporation they do as ordered have to pay for it.

I really hate this case because she’s playing the victim card correct me if I’m wrong it takes two to tango in bust up affairs like this.

Totally waste of the courts time.


Statement from Seven West Media

Seven West Media welcomes the Supreme Court decision today.

The Court found that Ms Harrison engaged in numerous breaches of the settlement deed and her
employment contract and these breaches were persistent and flagrant.

It found that Seven had every entitlement to commence proceedings under the Deed and conducted the
proceedings in an entirely orthodox and proper fashion.

The Court also rejected Ms Harrison’s contention that her rights under the settlement deed were
manipulated by Seven.

The Court also found that Ms Harrison was given every opportunity to desist from her breaches,
consent to the orders earlier and settle with Seven West Media from 27 February 2017.

Ultimately, Ms Harrison put on no evidence in support of her claims, which the Court held was
because no such evidence existed.

It is regrettable that people Ms Harrison falsely and unfairly named in her failed Human Rights
Commission complaint were forced to take separate proceedings to protect their names.

Seven West Media looks forward to putting this matter behind us.


Seven apparently showing a little sympathy towards Harrison?

[quote]Seven is not expected to enforce the cost order as long as Ms Harrison respects a non-disclosure agreement that bars her from speaking about a two-year affair she had with Seven chief executive Tim Worner. Ms Harrison last week indicated a cost order would drive her to bankruptcy.[/quote]