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So Presto was bleeding money out of the company. I can see why they sold it to Foxtel. However, isn’t streaming the future?


Yes. At least Nine have Stan which is booming.

As streaming grows and FTA declines - seven doesn’t have a piece of that action


Is it really? Wouldn’t it have the same sort of set-up cost problems as Presto, at least initially?


Yes but it has about 3 times the subscribers that Presto had and now with Presto gone will grow even more

Nine | fairfax also invested a lot more money


With Netflix already an established brand, Amazon set to arrive and Stan in the market, I think it was just too saturated. Presto had such a limited library and poor picture quality, which didn’t help. No Game of Thrones despite being onside with Foxtel was a real backfire.

The only real option now is for Seven to onsell their programming library to a streaming rival and hope they receive a high enough deal to make it worthwhile.


Amber Harrison referred to Tim Worner as the “idiot boss” and promised to destroy him after their affair ended.


Ms Harrison is considering arguing that she was not bound by the confidentiality obligations in the deeds because the agreements had been terminated or repudiated by Seven.

She may seek a damages payout from the media organisation, the court heard.


How she is supposed to pay for the lawyers when she’s been telling everyone she is broke? And if a lawyer is doing it because they expect a payout, how much will she be left with once she pays the legal fees?


Seriously who even cares about this drama anymore?


Maybe the lawyers are working for a cut of the payout.


NSW allows conditional costs agreements (easy enough to look up)

Contingency fees aren’t allowed in NSW.


An anonymous website has appeared in the past week that has today published in full Amber Harrison’s 2016 complaint to the Human Rights Commission. I think we can expect more legal action from Seven.


###Retirement of Chris Wharton

The Chairman of Seven West Media, Mr Kerry Stokes AC, today announced the retirement of Chris Wharton AM as chief executive officer of Seven West Media WA.

Mr Stokes acknowledged Chris’ 20 plus years of continuous contribution to the group, starting in 1995 with Community Newspapers before going on to Channel Seven Perth in 2000 as managing director, then to become managing director of West Australian Newspapers in 2008 and CEO of Seven West Media WA in 2011.

Late last year Chris took the opportunity to take some extended leave and after a discussion with the Chairman, they agreed that it was an appropriate time for Chris to retire.

He will remain a Telethon Trustee and remains committed to the Perth community for which he was recognised with an AM in 2016.

The Chairman said he is sorry to see Chris leave but he has had a very long and successful innings with the group.

Mr Wharton said: “After more than 20 years, it is with mixed emotions that I have made the decision to retire from Seven West Media. The company has been very good to me and my family. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people and I’ll miss them. I am delighted to have the privilege to remain a Telethon Trustee.”

Mr Stokes said: “I am happy to advise that following today’s decision, Nick Varigos, Managing Director of recruitment firm Oppeus International, has commenced the process and will make recommendations in the coming weeks.”


Blogger Shane Dowling has been found in contempt of court for continuing to publish on his website the names of women alleged by Amber Harrison to have had affairs with Tim Worner in breach of an earlier court order that he delete the names from his website and cease publishing the names.


Well, she now has Julian Burnside representing her.


Fascinating post on Twitter.



I wonder if this is about anything specific or she is just implicitly giving the finger to Seven.


I think she is suffering from relevance deprivation syndrome… seriously who cares about her


###Statement from Tim Worner on Sydney Swans

“Please be advised that today I have tendered my resignation from the Board of the Sydney Swans and
that my resignation has been accepted, effective immediately.

“My hope is that by standing down, I can relieve pressure on the Board and the Club and let them
concentrate on the business of football, and a successful home and away season in 2017.

“During last year, working alongside some of the best business and sporting brains in the industry
was a privilege - and an experience I’m most grateful for.

“As the Club surges towards the last weekend in September, I’ll be right there beside them, and
wish them every success.”

Tim Worner


Seven West Media appoints Director of Operations, Seven West Media WA

Seven West Media today announced the appointment of Maryna Fewster as Director of Operations for Seven West Media in Western Australia.

Ms Fewster was formerly Chief Operating Officer of iiNet and has held senior executive roles in the telecommunications sector in Australia and New Zealand over the last two decades.

Over the past six months, Ms Fewster has been consulting to Seven West Media in Western Australia, in particular focusing on the integration of the businesses. She has been identifying opportunities to drive revenue growth and efficiency through organisational development.

Ms Fewster is a non-executive director of Edith Cowan College and the West Coast Eagles and is Executive Director of Celebrate WA, a not-for-profit organisation responsible for promoting and organising the annual WA Day celebrations.
Commenting on her appointment, Tim Worner, CEO, Seven West Media, said: “I am delighted that Maryna is permanently joining us. She has a proven track record in delivering operating excellence and driving cultural change.
Our businesses in Western Australia are a key part of our future development and Maryna will be a very important member of the leadership team that will be driving the future for those businesses.”

Seven West Media in Western Australia includes Channel Seven Perth, The West Australian, The Sunday Times, the and, 20 regional publications and nine radio stations, along with a major shareholding in the Community Newspaper Group.

As announced on 10 March, Seven West Media is undertaking a recruitment process for CEO of Seven West Media Western Australia.