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Former newspaper reporter-turned-current affairs Svengali Mario D’Orazio has resigned as managing director of Channel Seven Perth.

Seven West Media chairman Kerry Stokes announced the news this morning, saying D’Orazio had played an important role in the company’s success in WA.
Source 7 perth face book


Wow, that’s quite a surprise. He was also on Telethon very often towards the end of the program. Wonder the reasons for it and who will be his replacement…


Everyone is bailing as share prices are falling big time!


The company isn’t in great form by the looks of it that’s for sure. Lots of ship jumping…


He had been ill previously so maybe there may be a health factor, but it does seem there has been a lot reshuffling of positions. Wonder how this means Seven Perth will operate now, given he was in control for 7 years after being promoted from his Executive Producer role on Today Tonight.


D’Orazio’s resignation came the day after Colette Garnsey was appointed to the SWM board.


I must admit Mario didn’t look well at this year’s Telethon closing


I feel the same way in more recent photos, there was this posted today on the 7 Perth Facebook page, doesn’t mention about his departure though.


Max Mason also writes that Nine and News are seeking to sell their regional papers, and it has been suggested that one buyer may purchase all three groups.

I wonder if Seven’s radio stations may also be for sale?


If it is, then the number of potential buyers would be quite long, including SCA & Grant Broadcasters. I suspect the latter would be the most likely buyer, as SCA already owns 2 stations in Bunbury, where it also has Spirit Radio on 621 AM.


Seven has recruited BBC Studios creative director of development Damon Pattison to run its new UK venture.


Head of entertainment and lifestyle at Buzzfeed Australia, Jenna Clarke, who was one of 11 staff made redundant by the company, has joined West Australian Newspapers as assistant editor.



“Our acquisition of the cricket rights, at a lower cost per hour than the tennis, has paid off with ratings exceeding our projections. Across summer, Seven grew its share of every key demographic throughout the day and in primetime and we scored a 40%+ share of viewing on 39 days – more than any network has ever achieved. We are now broadcasting premium sport every week of the year, and will be for years to come.”

And who cares what it has done to the rest of the schedule?


It’ll be interesting to see how hard they fight to regain those tennis rights when they come up for renewal.


Two things can be simultaneously true at the same time. In this case, it can be said that the cricket has given Seven much more content to air across Summer than the tennis did. However, it’s also right to argue that the cricket wasn’t a great launchpad for them for numerous reasons (eg; the BBL’s declined performance, the strength of Seven’s Q1 lineup, etc)

I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one network doesn’t fight really hard next time to regain the sport/rights package they lost last year. However, it’s hard to say at the moment who that network will be and why they decide to do it.


No indication of whether they are interested in ACM?




Hopefully if Brook is taking control of content on Seven that we can see some new innovation from Seven.