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There was a tribute to Brad at the end of My Kitchen Rules grand final tonight.


In regards to programming, Burnette says that Plate of Origin, House Rules and Farmer Wants a Wife are still filming, while Big Brother resumed production yesterday after a crew member tested negative to coronavirus.


Who replace Mario D’Orazio as managing director in perth

I think it is Maryna Fewster

With the postponement of both AFL and Olympics, I would think that Seven’s expenses would have been reduced and subsequently help their bottom line.

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But you also have to look at the big revenue that they will now miss out on as well.

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Yes but the revenue mostly covers their expenses. Sure they may make a bit of a profit but most is to atleast break even. The profit they make would be less than the expense of these events / sport

So…A little bit of silver lining I guess?

Once this crisis is over it would be good to see Seven get back to producing some quality programs on TV instead of the cheap stuff we’ve been getting that’s doing them no good both ratings-wise and financially.


Makes sense; selling now would mean a lower price compared to normal times.


Things are getting grim at seven. Dire days indeed. You have to feel for the staff that they’re employer is in such a position because of poor management decisions. Something will have to give eventually.


No, it’s not looking good.

Hopefully they can pull something together.

Seven CEO orders staff pay cuts

He and his executives had better be contributing their fair share to the pay cuts.


Their CEOs should take no pay at all for at least half a year. They have enough to support themselves and their salary is very high. If they want to support their company they need to cut their own to start.


Every network has made cuts.

Advertisers are deserting television due to Coronavirus.

Nine aren’t paying bonuses this year.

Ten’s doing a complete shutdown for four days.

Obviously seven’s bottom line was already suffering but businesses around the world are doing the same or similar things.

Keeping your job at this point in time is a blessing.

Yes but my point is that it is more dire for them given their debt, poor programming and worthless share price. If any of the three that would be operating insolvent it would be Seven when compared to the other two.

I wouldn’t be surprised if others followed suit.

I don’t think poor management had any effect on a pandemic gripping the world. Every commercial organisation at the moment is struggling.

True although Seven are probably worse off than others considering they were already in trouble before the pandemic.


It’s the cumulative effect. Yes all are impacted but some more so due to their previous position. The overall comment was seven are in a more perilous position than the others.

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