Seven v Nine News Ratings Comparisons

Nine News won all four weeks in December in Melbourne, putting a huge dent on Seven News’ dominance in the city. Could be the sign of things to come in 2024.

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On an overall positive… Nine News is up by almost 100k compared to last year. Seven stable.

27-25 in Brisbane. That’s pretty close.

That’s also five weeks in a row if you include the final week of ratings. Seems like the announcement of the weeknight handover from Hitch to Alicia/Tom might’ve had something to do with it.

Weeks 1 - 53 2023

As promised the full year’s average audiences. Also included are the weekend bulletin results that have their own story to tell. The full year numbers are generally lower than the survey period except Adelaide where they are identical! I can’t separate the two bulletins in Brisbane as I have used the rounded numbers from the published data. Perhaps one of the networks might like to claim a win based on perhaps less than 100 people?

In the comparison to 2022, looking at Nine News Adelaide you can see why Tipping Point is moving into the 5pm timeslot with Nine down 20% while in Perth you can see equally why it might not as it is Seven down 15%.

Comparison to 2022 Weeks 1 - 52.

For reference purposes here is the 40-week survey result.

2023 Survey


Week 1 2024 - Preliminary

Weeks won - 2024


Week1 2023

Welcome to another year of 6pm news ratings.

Updated (based on time corrected Seven News numbers for last week):

It was a good start for both bulletins with improved numbers from the previous week. Nine had a very narrow win in Sydney and an easy win to start the year in Melbourne while Seven won Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

In a familiar pattern Nine Adelaide was down 22% while Nine Perth was up 24% compared to week one of 2023.

With the new coding system, we will have to settle for just comparing the full hour without any access to the 30 minute breakdowns.


Thank you.
Just a thought… given the reduced data to display now, is it possible to add Saturday/Sundays on the same post? Although Sunday is at the beginning of the week and Saturday at the end…

Are you suggesting adding weeks won for Saturdays and Sundays?

Not necessarily a tally - you could I guess- but just the numbers for Sat/Sun.

I don’t think just adding the weekend bulletins themselves would add much as they can easily be judged side by side looking at the overnight ratings as opposed to the average Mon-Fri that needs to be calculated. There could be some merit though if the running tally of weeks won was added to the ratings numbers. I will see what it looks like tomorrow when today’s numbers are released.


It’ll be interesting to see what happens next week in Melbourne with the Australian Open. Usually Seven’s numbers go up unless there is an Australian playing as a lead into the news.


A test run on including Sunday and Saturday in the tables.

Week 1 2024

Weeks won



Week 2 2024 - Preliminary

Weeks won - 2024


Week 2 2023

Ratings dropped in week two, Seven by 40,000 and Nine by 17,000.

Nine had a narrow in in Sydney but continued to overperform in Melbourne ahead of the launch of a new presenting team next week. In both AEDT markets Nine was up 12% year-on-year while Seven was up 3% in Sydney, the Melbourne bulletin was down 7%.

The other three markets went to Seven with Brisbane up an impressive 8% from last year. Adelaide saw both bulletins up from the previous week though for Nine the bulletin was down 31% from week two of 2023. Hopefully Tipping Point Australia can help reverse that trend. Perth saw drops for both bulletins with BBL on 7Mate impactive main channel ratings.

I will post the table with Sunday and Saturday numbers tomorrow.


Thank you. I like the addition of Sat/Sun. :grinning:

Interesting to see the gap in Perth reducing.

Next week will be very interesting with the Australian Open and nines new presenting team in Melbourne.


I reckon there’s been some general swing back to GTV News for some reason this summer, regardless of what happens with the new presenters, Aussie Open and Tipping Point, not seen for them since perhaps the heights of COVID or pre-2019 even.

Is HSV News’ purple patch starting to fade? What do we think about Bec Maddern (who was deemed a good get a couple of years back and arrived at a big news time - remember the whole Novak Djokovic deportation saga, the leaked tape of Mike Amor swearing and ridiculing him and the Ash Barty / Kyrgios-Kokkinakis / Rafa Nadal ‘fairytale’ wins and then Nth NSW floods to name a few). Do we think Bec is worse or better solo or is it actually Mike who is better received and/or better with Bec or him alone?

I don’t think it’s Seven News… but as I’ve been previously been saying, Nine invest heavily in local Melbourne based programming.

Seven comes across as a Sydney centric network now and this reputation is now flowing into its news service.

Funny, I always thought they were seen as the opposite (and Nine more Sydney), certainly with HSV when the AFL is running.

But things seems to have all been flipped in recent years

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Traditionally, HSV7 has always been a very local station, but since 2019 Seven had completely gutted the station. The only thing remaining is the newsroom and the AFL. They even got rid of the stations local PR teams.

This is now coming back to bite them on the arse.

If I remember correctly, didn’t Seven move its playout facilities to Sydney that year? I remember watching Seven in Melbourne in 2014 and noticed some slightly different transitions during the program promos, as opposed to what was seen in the other markets.