Seven & Ten News (SCA)

Thanks! It was the first report I did


Lou has just presented her 8th consecutive bulletin. Tom Johnson at the desk tomorrow night.


Simply because it’s coming from Hobart.

When the new sets first launched they used the wide shot and the presenter slow zoom in Hobart, but not for a very long time and exactly zero times since Canberra relocated to Hobart.

The camera in Hobart is already locked off for their 17 local editions of noodle updates and the Spencer Gulf News. Makes sense to just leave it alone when Louise presents, save having to reset everything.


Don’t some of the noodle updates come from Launceston? I understand the Queensland ones did/still do.

We need more Information on those Noodle Update Presenters.

Ruby Cairns presents the Southern NSW/ACT updates
Kasey Wilkins presents the Regional VIC updates
Victoria Eastoe presents the QLD updates
Alex Sykes presents the TAS & NT updates - and is also the weather presenter for the Spencer Gulf News.

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Victoria’s LinkedIn mentions she’s in Launceston so I guess the others are in Hobart.


7 Tasmania tonight… talk about amateur hour!

Staff obviously need a refresher on how to use mosart properly

If you listen you can hear that they have the wrong template loaded so every time they go to playout with vo audio its bring up the Hobart fader which the operator quickly is swapping faders. as a consequence it cuts off the first word.

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Yeah you’re incorrect. Automation was glitching tonight not because of an incorrect template.

Thank you for your constructive feedback.


That’s pretty disappointing, surely the ENPS (If they’re even using that, or know what it is) would dictate what camera and graphics need to be set up where and when.

No disrespect but don’t be overly critical of that response, the entire SCA operation comes across as amateur and this is coming from a semi-regular viewer. Simple improvements to the bulletin would make it go a long way, I’ve listed my thoughts on this above.

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You’re entitled to an opinion, but keep in mind there’s people who do read these forums, in our industry who do hard work to put out a product they are proud of. So I don’t appreciate being told not to be overly critical when I know what actually happened.

Does MediaSpy need to know every single and finite detail of what happens behind the scenes?



That’s fair enough, remember that about 60% of the people on this site aren’t in the industry and would probably want some form of context and understanding as to why things happen, for those of us who are in industry or have spent time around it, you’ll know that there are dedicated people out there who do try and provide the best broadcast they can.

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I’m happy to explain context, but telling us “go back and learn” and “amateur hour” is not constructive at all.


If this is how MediaSpy members treats industry people then I’m out, I’m sorry. What ever happened to constructive dialogue?


There’s a difference between constructive criticism and outright personal attacks.

If we see more of the latter we will not hesitate to hand out bans going forward.


Hope this isn’t the case. I’m not in the industry but I’m in the tech industry and often face similar things. Users who experience issues and believe it’s all IT doing a crap job and how they could do it so much better when they actually don’t have a clue what the actual issue at that time was and 90% of the time wasn’t our fault… and half of that time was theirs!
Mistakes happen, I saw it happen last night, had a little giggle and said “whoops” and moved on. The 7 Tas bulletins are fantastic quality for a regional station and very much appreciated.



Though it’s a shame that Tasmania’s production values haven’t rubbed off on the Spencer Gulf news. :pensive:


Yes, or just accept that glitches or bloopers happen. We don’t need a root cause analysis everytime a wrong graphic appears or something isn’t quite right. Just observe it or mention it and move on. I don’t speak for any media but I imagine most outlets are extremely tightly resourced and doing 110% with what they have. Errors will slip through


Ladies and Gentleman…

Shit Happens…Automation might work 99.9% of the time, but sometimes it doesn’t.

SCTV in Tasmania do a market leading news, and its a great regional product…

Well done SCTV.


If what happened to Seven News Tasmania was ‘amateur hour’ what does that make Nine News Sydney and its automation woes?

A clear overreaction to something that can happen anywhere, anytime.