Seven Regional (formerly Prime7/GWN7)

Interestingly while out today, I saw an MKR advertisement with Manu and Nigella on an overhead TV screen at a shopping centre here in Canberra, featuring a 7 and 7+ logo.

I’ve seen plenty of these types of ads in metro areas (saw heaps of Hunted ones when I was in Melbourne a few weeks ago), but can’t say i’ve seen one anywhere in Canberra before.

I guess now that the area is 7 O&O, 7 would want to advertise here now too.

Good on them, I havent watched 7 in so long I didn’t even realise there was gonna be a new MKR


I know the screen you’re talking about. It seems to carry national advertising including ads for interstate government campaigns etc. Can’t actually recall ever seeing anything local on it so I wouldn’t read too much into the 7 advertising.

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Is 7 Queensland now part of 7 Regional?

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Wouldn’t have thought so. The terms ‘7 Regional’ and ‘7 Regional WA’ seem to have only been coined to refer to the existing Prime7 and GWN7 stations.

Considering 7 Queensland is played out from NPC and already has it’s own “7 News” bulletins, therefore it doesn’t share anything with the existing Prime network… yet. Time will tell as Seven continue to merge all their operations together more.

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considering Cairns Mackay, central Queensland etc are listed under Regional News . obsually their not really classified as Metro news

Sure, 7 Queensland can be considered as “regional” stations doing “regional” news. But that wasn’t the question. The entity of ‘7 Regional’ is different.


Was up the Central Coast on the weekend and at my location could only receive Newcastle tv even though I was only about 3kms from the Foresters Beach tower.

What was interesting 7 Newcastle was still using Prime7 branding for a community announcement that they broadcasted leading into the Commonwealth Games coverage.

I was quite surprised by this as I have not seen any mention of Prime 7 on 7 Wollongong for quite some time.

the same billboard was seen on TV in Albury over the weekend, thought it was odd as well, first thought was it an old billboard, but then realised it was for comm games.

7WA runs along similar lines to 7Queensland in that it’s a state-focused regional news department based on licence area borders with their own news “hub” and news-gathering satellites. 7 Regional is the oddity crossing three licence areas from two states due to the nature of Prime7’s former ownership.

Two future outcomes seem to be evident for 7 Regional if/when new bulletins are launched:

  1. Future RVIC bulletins will operate out of Watson studios (or a relocated site) and 7 Regional will remain a conglomerate department crossing state lines.

  2. 7 Regional will become “7NSW” on the same footing as 7Queensland and 7WA. Future RVIC bulletins (plus the existing Border bulletin) will run under a separate “7Victoria” department and either come out of Melbourne or a new regional hub in Victoria.


Strange considering that I didn’t even mention which shopping centre I was at, and many of them contain overhead screens…

The one i’m referring to certainly hasn’t ever shown these government campaigns that i’ve seen

Yes, but it’s not the same entity as the legacy Prime/GWN stations now known as ‘7 Regional’.

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I’d actually think 7RQLD is further removed from Prime than any other station within the 7 Network. My recollection is that STN7 is essentially a subsidiary of BTQ - ie, to access anything from ATN, HSV etc, STN has to go through BTQ’s servers first.

I daresay that is how Prime has been incorporated - as off shoots from each state’s metro station, or possibly all through ATN. So basically, Prime and 7RQLD are sprouts off the bigger BTQ and ATN branches of the 7 tree and wouldn’t have anything to do with each other at all.


TV Week now updated Prime7 to 7 last week was still Prime 7


Would GWN7 have been an offshoot of TVW in the same way? Despite the fact Prime and GWN were jointly owned and playout came from the same place, were they effectively ran as two different stations - GWN using TVW as a raw/dirty feed and PRIME using ATN/HSV feeds?

Good question. I don’t know a whole lot about GWN’s operations, but that would make sense to me.

I would say yes. I’ve seen evidence over the years of GWN’s schedule mirroring TVW’s to a tee, usually through witnessing errors. If there was a timing error on TVW it would also show on GWN, proving that kind of structure existed in Canberra and would still exist now at TBS.

On the other hand, I would regularly witness errors on STW but not on WIN WA. For example, STW would accidentally throw to a break too early during a daytime movie or something but WIN wouldn’t. They no doubt based WA on a delayed TCN or master schedule and opt out when needed, at least in the Wollongong days. But as we’ve seen here with sports watermark differences, it still exists to an extent today at MHA.


After my post last week on the outdated sponsor billboards, seven has updated most of the billboards.
The billboards that haven’t been updated are from national companies including Repco, Wallet Wizard, Local Search and Youi.

Saw a GWN7 branded intro for a footy segment sponsored by Chicken Treat.


And yet the 7queensland guide in the same edition in regional Queensland is still showing both brands

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Foxtel still has 7 as Prime7.