Seven production enders & end credit split screens (1994 - 2006)


Caps (via 7Plus) from Seven’s master copies of Blue Heelers from 1994 to 2006, showing various network logos / Southern Star logos / some other elements such as credits:

1994 - 1995


1996 - 1998

Caught John Deeks at the start of an episode

1997 end credits

1997 - 2003




rare one off “20s gangster” themed closing credits one episode






2004 two new cast in closing credits before being added to opening theme an episode later & brand new opening credits style following “station bombing” - new look for the series

end of 2004 - opening logo tweaked, glossier




All Saints will probably have the other Seven production ender (for Seven produced programming) from 2002.

Can’t believe that 2003 ender lasted until 2016 or 2017?


Some of the years might be wrong, as in some over-lap. There’ll be a few others here on MS who can confirm/correct.

But that 90s Seven one went for years and the mid 90s Southern Star didn’t change until after 2006.


BLOOPER! Seven must’ve forgotten to remove that off the 7plus version or the broadcast tape (akin to that Doctor Who Power Of The Daleks Promo’s discovery, read about it).


No, that was my bad. The app’s closed captions weren’t turned off.


I think it was 2014 (when the Seven animation was modified for promos) that the 2003 ender was finally retired.


Should’ve mentioned, from Season 11 (season 12 on DVD) onwards, the DVDs used a home entertainment only/generic closing credits, with the translucent blue background showing various farm landscape footage (which is the background to the 2004 opening credits) and 2004 music theme.

Whereas for broadcast in 2005 and 2006 (as seen in Seven’s dirty masters in the caps above), Southern Cross provided Seven’s own presentation closing credits (those long running red ‘split screens’) to Seven instead.

Only in this case (as seen), they’re blank. That’s where prior to broadcast, the promo for next week would be inserted, which can be seen on YouTube.


This image isn’t complete.




Update it with what?


Read @Sully’s previously quoted post out loud, slowly.