Seven On-Air Presentation 2008-2011


Program-themed Idents:
TV Burp

Double Take

Classification Warning:

Available on 7HD advisory:


In-Program Promotions:

Promo Endtags:


The period when Nine collapsed and Seven dominated.

Was this the last package before Seven dumped their ‘line-ups’ (Prime however continue them, as you kindly upload)?


I believe Seven was still doing lineups throughout 2011-12, then from that point they were completely dumped.

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Remember this package fondly.


In your opinion, from that point, is there evidence to suggest Seven’s promos have a higher rotation in place of no line-ups (which kind of serve the purpose of a multi-promo)? You’d assume yes.

I’d agree that their lineup has been dumbed down


As Zampakid mentioned, they had them for a little while with the next package. That one had a picture on the left side and the text on the right.

I also remember this look very well. It was starting to look VERY tired by 2011, they kept the sponsor billboard until the 2012 relaunch though.

Appreciate the caps!

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Whoops good pick up, typo.

And they kept that music theme even longer, used for Sunrise until around 2015 or 2016!

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Something which should fit the theme of this thread, caps via @Zampakid of a “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” Movie Tie-In Ident from December 2008:


It was quite a good on air look launched just after the Beijing Olympics and when 7 dominated over 9 in the ratings. Post Beijing was when 9 lost ground.

That look might’ve been OK compared to the “we :heart: tv” and “Choose” packages on Nine but after the first generation “Welcome Home” look launched in September 2009 (hard to believe that one’s nearly a decade old), I personally thought that Seven’s graphics looked rather plain by comparison.

My memory is a bit hazy now but I thought that graphics package didn’t launch until around October 2008.

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Taken from Channel 7 Sydney (November 2010)

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Channel Seven Adelaide - 5th September 2009:


Program-themed Idents:
Packed to the Rafters

Dancing With The Stars

Sponsor Billboard:

Promo Endtags:

Deal or No Deal - Promotion:

Packed to the Rafters - Promotion:

Seven News Adelaide - “Royal Adelaide Show” Promotion:



2003/04-Era Endboard:

Program Classifications:
Pre-school, Childrens, G, and M


SMS Voting:


Channel Seven Perth — February 2010

Taken from Frankmat (This match was during a Nab Cup match between West Coast Eagles and Essendon at Subiaco Oval)