Seven On-Air Presentation 2008-2011



Program-themed Idents:
TV Burp

Double Take

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In-Program Promotions:

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The period when Nine collapsed and Seven dominated.

Was this the last package before Seven dumped their ‘line-ups’ (Prime however continue them, as you kindly upload)?


I believe Seven was still doing lineups throughout 2011-12, then from that point they were completely dumped.


Remember this package fondly.


In your opinion, from that point, is there evidence to suggest Seven’s promos have a higher rotation in place of no line-ups (which kind of serve the purpose of a multi-promo)? You’d assume yes.


I’d agree that their lineup has been dumbed down


As Zampakid mentioned, they had them for a little while with the next package. That one had a picture on the left side and the text on the right.

I also remember this look very well. It was starting to look VERY tired by 2011, they kept the sponsor billboard until the 2012 relaunch though.

Appreciate the caps!


Whoops good pick up, typo.


And they kept that music theme even longer, used for Sunrise until around 2015 or 2016!


Something which should fit the theme of this thread, caps via @Zampakid of a “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” Movie Tie-In Ident from December 2008: