Seven On-Air Presentation 1999


Christmas Ident

Movie Opener:

Start of Programme CC & Rating Logo/PRG/Watermark:

Movie Ad-break bumper:


Bonus “New in 2000” Promo:


If I’m not mistaken, this one was a relatively short lived On-Air Presentation package for Seven, lasting only from about April/May until the end of the year. A pity because it looked rather good!

Oh well, might as well contribute some caps from the SydneyCityTV collection for what they’re worth.

Breakbumpers (If I’m not mistaken, the footage from “The Great Outdoors” bumpers lasted until at least the 2000-02 graphics):

Olympics Ident (Seven hyped up Sydney 2000 many months/a number of years in advance, possibly even as early as 1995-96):

"The Late Movie" Opener:

More Promo Endtags:

Logo/Classification version of the PRG:


Apologies for the double post but the airdate for the “Late 1999” caps from The Great Outdoors is 7/12/1999 while the “Romeo & Juliet” recording which was previously thought to be from 5/12/1999 (took that from a marking on the tape label IIRC) is actually from 7/11/1999. I’d edit the filenames in the above post if it wasn’t such a pain to do so.

I always strive for accuracy when it comes to finding airdates for old recordings, but even I have to admit that I don’t get it spot on 100% of the time! :slight_smile:


This package was among the best for Seven. I wish it had adopted some of those graphics for 2018.


Back when networks had pride in their appearance. How we have fallen… especially this decade…

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A short-lived package which ended on New Year’s Day 2000 with the launch of the first version of the current 7 logo.

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The idents were superb. The rest of the package was a bit too colourful for my liking.


Content from Seven Perth on October 29, 1999:

The Colours Of Perth Ident:

40 Years Promo/Competition:

Classification Warning:

Promo Endtags:


I’m sure @Biscuit45 will really enjoy these…as well as @Mitchell_Nock, if he’s still around! :slight_smile:

Judging by the news promo “The Pokemon Craze - should parents be worried” - Ahh, how 1999 was a much simpler time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), it seems that Perth might’ve adopted the then-current graphics in line with the network at the time.

I wonder how far behind the East Coast they switched over and who the reporter is too:

Also I know the VHS quality isn’t great but it’d be interested to know if anyone can pick who the presenter of that “40 Years” Ident was too:


Seven are still airing “Spy Hard” (from their long-running Disney), usually late night on 7flix. Did it premiere that year?

Did it premiere that year?



I loved those old graphics from the 1999 relaunch. I often wonder what other direction Seven could have gone down had they continued down this path. The graphics and presentation style were very much BBC and Channel 4 inspired at the time.

As for the presenter in the 40 Years Ident, I believe this may be Anna Choy?


The timing lines up. The Big Breakfast would’ve been on in 1999.


Seven Perth Promo Endtags from 31/10/1999


Huey’s was on 7 before moving to 10


Caps from Seven Perth 21/11/1999

The Colours of Perth Ident:

Promo Endtags:

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Because the caps weren’t posted earlier, there was also a “Seniors Week” Ident:

There must’ve been a number of these “The Colours of Perth” Idents produced! :slight_smile:

A “This Week” Promo for Today Tonight Perth:

Seven Nightly News Perth, “Mainy’s Girl” Special Report Promo Endtag:

Finally, I reckon we might now have a vague idea of when Seven Nightly News Perth may have changed their graphics, comparing the Promo/Updates for 31/10/1999 and 21/11/1999:

The “Nobody Knows News Like Seven” music also received an update to go with these (then) newer promo graphics. Also note that the old serif font Seven Nightly News logo was in the background of the October 31 update, while the newer style sans-serif logo was in the background of the November 21 update.


14 May 1999


One of my favourites. Great on air presentation which is now 20 years old

**The colours of Telethon. From September 1999 TVW Perth **