Seven News Spotlight

“confused kids”:

“I am 23”

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A lot of outrage over nothing again. What happened to actual news? These people want to tell their story and feel they were being manipulated its got nothing to do with seven being transphobic. Besides, only rich kids who want to or think they want to transition can actually get to do it.

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Seven apologised to Grace today.

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He's the rugby league superstar who can't remember a thing. Now, the concussion wives taking on the might of the game, fighting for their families and the next generation. The most emotional story this year, Sunday 8.45pm on @Channel7 and @7Plus. #7NEWS

— 7NEWS Spotlight (@7NewsSpotlight) September 7, 2023

This promo featuring former Hawthorn AFL player John Platten has been showing in Melbourne. Unsure if the one story will air nationally including both AFL and NRL players, or whether there are two different stories tailored to different markets

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Both Robbie O’Davis and John Platten will feature on tonight’s Spotlight episode.


Did you guys like the in-studio interview? I was happy with the way we’ve broadened the studio links.


I hope you had nothing to do with last week’s episode (related to trans). If so, I’d be losing quite a lot of respect for you.

While I did not produce this story or the episode, I do support the fact that current affairs show should be able to look at the issue.

You can hear my thoughts on the TVBB podcast from a week or so ago where we discuss this very issue.


According to Mediaweek

With a smallish band of battle-hardened TV news warriors, Seven’s Spotlight has been luring away some of the 60 Minutes audience from Nine, said McPherson. “The current season has just ended, although there will be a couple of episodes to come. Spotlight has beat 60 Minutes 12 to six when the shows have gone head-to-head. We are very pleased with the result. It is a small team, but we would like to grow that.


Back with a special episode

The Voice Referendum

Sunday 8 October 9:00 PM

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