Seven News Spotlight

That’s “Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen” and is going to ABC.


when ?

He’s also appeared throughout the show.

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Usher’s presence was so absolutely pointless.


What did he say during the show?

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Agree with all that having the Platinum Concert under the Spotlight banner as useless.

But it will probably done so for Seven’s ego come ratings rise at the end of the year. As in: “Spotlight was the number one current affairs show” and/or “number one special presentation” etc. Or “we produced xx hours of current affairs this year” (of which 3.5 hours was this special).

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Just before breaks mentioned what was coming up

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Totally agree this was a move to boost Spotlight’s overall numbers in what’s been a flat year, not helped by the fact its been regularly shunted to an odd timeslot following Yhe Voice.


More inclined to think it’s a live to expose the brand to a wider audience. 1 specifically is not going to inflate a years average ratings too much I wouldn’t think.

But yes, it doesn’t fit the brand.


Nothing notable.

The 7News Spotlight special did very well and averaged 825,000 last night.

That saw the yearly average for the show rise by 100k from its previous 324,000 to 425,000.


Looks like the move paid off.


7NEWS Spotlight: busting the scammers

This Sunday, 7.00pm, on Channel 7 and 7plus

Aussies saved in major international scammer sting

7NEWS Spotlight has stepped in to save vulnerable Australians from losing their life savings to sophisticated phone scammers in a major international sting to air at 7.00pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus .

It’s a skyrocketing crime costing Australians more than $205 million and counting this year alone.

In Sunday’s exclusive expose, 7NEWS Spotlight’s Denham Hitchcock turns the tables on the complex, global web of thieves robbing Aussies of their hard-earned money, joining forces with a vigilante group who “hack the hackers” and save one Melbourne woman mid-scam.

The real-time rescue will shock viewers, as producers rush to the shaken woman’s home and stop the transfer of every cent of her savings to an anonymous caller posing as a spyware salesman.

Her confusion and desperation are palpable, her trauma made even worse when it is revealed she is a stage 4 cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

The 7NEWS Spotlight exclusive also includes the chilling recordings of the “Indian Swindler” as he goes about his phone scams, stealing close to $1 million from Margaret Sutton, an elderly woman with dementia.

Back in Australia, reporter Ross Coulthart talks to another devastated family whose accountant father was hoodwinked out of more than $800,000.

In the US, Steve Pennells picks up the story of “scam-baiting”, in which ordinary Americans are fighting back against the scammers from their living rooms and garnering thousands of YouTube followers in the process.


Tonight’s show is very slick so far.


7News Spotlight: Taken

Sunday 19 July 7:00 PM

Cricketing great Stuart MacGill reveals what really happened the night he says he was abducted and bashed by armed thugs.


I haven’t waited for it to be slow tracked.

7NEWS Spotlight: Stuart MacGill – Taken

Cricket star’s shocking abduction ordeal

It sounded like the script from a Hollywood blockbuster.

An international sports star snatched from a Sydney street by masked bandits, driven to a remote location, stripped naked, horrifically beaten and held at gunpoint.

But for former Aussie spin bowling superstar Stuart MacGill, being swept up in this devastating drug deal gone wrong has left very real physical and emotional scars.

Now, in a 7NEWS Spotlight exclusive to air 7.00pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus, the one-time rival to Shane Warne reveals how he survived this terrifying, “targeted” kidnapping and assault and lived to tell the tale.

The father of two and restaurateur tremors and weeps as he recounts the 2021 abduction, which has led to the arrest of four men, including the brother of MacGill’s partner Maria O’Meagher.

Reading from his official police statement, MacGill is the picture of a broken man, turning to 7NEWS Spotlight to share his alarming story and reset his life, left shattered by the ordeal.

Executive producer Mark Llewellyn said: “Nobody who has ever worn a baggy green has ever had a story like this; it is one of the most extraordinary stories I’ve ever heard.

"Stuart MacGill could have hidden in the shadows, but he hasn’t. This is his raw, unvarnished account. He doesn’t expect sympathy, but he does hope people will finally know the truth.”

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7NEWS Spotlight: Justice for Chloe

Sunday 26 June 7:00 PM

How her killer played the system and his ‘get out of jail free’ card

Chloe Hoson loved to dance, laugh and play, a giggly little girl who brought sunshine to those lucky enough to share her life.

But at the tender age of just five, her life was violently taken by killer, Timothy Kosowicz, who smothered her head with plastic shopping bags, sexually assaulted her and left her tiny, broken body in an empty creek bed, near her caravan park home.

In a case of unimaginable horror that will break the heart of every mother, Chloe’s killer would plead insanity and later walk free after being found not guilty on the grounds of mental illness.

Now, in an exclusive 7NEWS Spotlight investigation this Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 7 and 7plus, forensic criminologist Tim Watson-Munro argues Kosowicz’ “get out of jail free” card should be reviewed and others like him sent to prison for their crimes.

You play detective as 7NEWS Spotlight examines the evidence and the leads, speaks to critical witnesses and re-investigates the case in search of justice for Chloe.

In heart-breaking detail, Chloe’s shattered mum and family share their anger and devastation at losing their angel to a schizophrenic monster who successfully claimed he went momentarily mad when he killed and raped her.

After time in a medical facility, Kosowicz is now back on Sydney’s streets, living within walking distance of schools and child care centres.

Watch on as Watson-Munro applies four decades of forensic expertise to this case, and begs the question: Is it time to change the law?

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