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If she (or Emily Angwin) becomes Melbourne’s weekend weather presenter permanently, then I daresay that Seven Melbourne’s weekend team is much stronger than their weeknight team (with the exception of that sports guy of course), just like Seven News Sydney where every fill-in for the bulletin is better than the top dog.


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Seven Adelaide reporter Jayne Stinson has quit the network and will run for Labor Party preselection in the new seat of Badcoe for the South Australian state election, due to be held on March 17 next year.



Jim Wilson presented sports on the Morning news today.


Angela Cox presenting Wednesday Early News again this week.
It seems the presenting roster for the bulletin might now be shared between Sean Berry and Angela.
Monday & Tuesday - Sean Berry
Wednesday-Angela Cox
Thursday- Sean Berry
Friday-Angela Cox


I would say Angela Cox is much better than Sean Berry, but given the early starts and the fact that she is already doing WS News, it’s understandable why she only does 2-3 days a week.


Not that anyone might agree with me. But personally I would like to see Ryan Phelan being given more roles at the network. After all, News Presenter on TMS and TDE as well as sports presenter on the morning news isn’t really much to do on-air. Personally I think Ryan Phelan should be groomed as a future replacement for Mark Beretta or Ann Sanders on Sunrise and the National Bulletins as he isn’t really that bad on news and he is definitely a great on-air talent (IMO).


He should have been given the weekday sports presenter role ahead of McLaughlin who has proven she is out of her depth.


Realistically, Mel McLaughlin probably would’ve been appointed as Sydney’s sports presenter because they needed a female presenter (having an all male presenting team is generally frowned upon in this day and age) after moving Sarah Cumming off Weather in favour of David Brown and of course since they weren’t brave enough to move another Mel into the 6pm chair…


Why would they need to hire Mel though? They’ve got Kylie Gillies!


Angela Cox presented Wednesday - Friday Early News this week.


Easily fixed, ditch Ferguson and poach a competent female newsreader.

There’s a very good reason Ten continually choose Sandra Sully over her colleagues to remain at the desk each time they have a cull - so she doesn’t jump ship.


Deborah Knight and Jayne Azzopardi would be the main presenters who I would consider poaching from another network, but Natarsha Belling and Kimberley Soekov would also be a good get by Seven.

In reality though, they could just push Musher for weeknights and put Angie Asimus on weekends. And about the Talitha Cummins problem, Seven could’ve put her as the weekend weather presenter on Seven News Sydney if Angie was to ever anchor on weekends, instead of dumping her while she was on maternity leave and giving her a shift that hardly anyone wants to do.


@Tom_TV7 disagree about no one wanting the 5am shift that Talitha declined for her obvious reasons. I would imagine there would be some people in the Sydney newsroom who want the opportunity to shift to newsreading.Remember like any career you have to slowly work your way up the ladder.


@Salty I agree with you but you do realise that Talitha was the news presenter on WS for the past 3 years, and to move from that to the 5am news is just another form of demotion.


@Tom_TV7 omg of course l realise that!
And do you realise she was on a casual contract that had expired during her maternity leave, so really Seven didn’t have to offer her anything.

BTW l really like Talitha and wish her all the best for the future.


@Salty I agree with everything you said. I just wished Seven could’ve kept Talitha for longer at the network.


Although it really goes without saying, personally I hope Talitha Cummins will make a reappearance somewhere on TV or radio soon.

As much as either (or both) of those two fantastic presenters would be good gets for Seven, personally I think we’re probably going to see Deb & Jayne staying at Nine News Sydney for a long time, possibly even for the rest of their media careers.


[quote=“Tom_TV7, post:1979, topic:149”]
but Natarsha Belling and Kimberley Soekov would also be a good get by Seven.
[/quote] I think they should try poach her, if i was Natarsha i would leave Ten. She is well known in Sydney and the fact that Ten has no stability right now is a good excuse to leave. Also the fact that Natarsha has been on the Morning News which was axed, Wake up and then shoved to the weekend news. They seem to be treating her as a child’s toy and throwing her places


Melbourne reporter Laurel Irving has been reporting from Thailand this week on the death of Australian woman in a jet ski accident.