Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Friday (20.01.17) - Saturday (21.01.17): Laura Dymock is presenting the weather in Queensland.


Is Melina Sarris now permanent Saturday weather presenter?


Angela Cox is presenting 6pm News in Sydney tonight.


This is…Interesting?

Anyway its still better than Mark, who probably will return tomorrow or next week, although I’d be more than thrilled if Seven quietly made the switch to Musher (highly unlikely ofc).

In any cases, while Nine news will win tonights bulletin (because of cricket), I’d really like to see an Usher vs Overton battle come up sooner than later (two ex-60mins journalists battle it out for news), and hopefully there is a ‘Musher Alert’


Isn’t Chris Reason currently in the US for the Presidential Inauguration coverage?

At least it’s not Robert Ovadia either…


When sport runs over-time then I am not sure whether it should be counted as a reason why a bulletin wins as I assume just as many will switch off their trusted bulletin when it is not running on time (like myself). If (and I daresay will) Nine News Sydney win tonight, it will be because of Peter Overton is anchoring.


Why the fu** have we as viewers been denied Mark Ferugson for soo long now. Why on earth haw a Mark Ferguson returns promo not aired?

I mean how much longer do the producers of Seven News think it will be appropriate to put Sydney viewers through this lack of Fergo on our screens.

When they decide to air it I have a feeling the promo will be a beautiful one hence the delay. I mean really amazing things take a while. Hence Fergo will take a while!


Because he’s crap?


Thoroughly enjoying Mr Beige’s absence. Sooner Seven cut him, the better.


Mark Ferguson was, is and will continue to be one of the major reasons why Seven News Sydney will lose to Nine News. If Seven News still had Chris Bath as weeknight presenter for the past yrs, then I imagine Seven News would be breathing down Nine’s neck after the relaunch last year and maybe even winning more weeks and ratings in general.


I really don’t like comparing how things were back in the glory days of TV news to how they are now because obviously so much has changed. But especially with the newsreader situation the way it is at the moment and if more quality Sydney-based talent continues to leave Seven, somehow I wouldn’t be too surprised if we slowly go back to a situation where Nine reigns supreme in the ratings for many years while Seven struggles to gain longterm momentum in the Sydney market - just like the case was during the 1980s and 1990s.

Mark Ferguson is possibly the modern equivalent of Ross Symonds: Someone brought in from another network to boost the ratings and replace a popular newsreader. Both had/have their fans, but ultimately limited success in making Seven’s 6pm news bulletin #1 in the Sydney ratings.


I’m going to say what most have said which is that Mark should of never been hired. What infuriates me is that why Seven put Mark in a top position when he was loosing the ratings to Seven at 6pm while at Nine. It was quite clear that NSW didn’t like Mark because if they did they would be watching him instead of Ian Ross at 6pm. Seven executives probably thought that Mark would do better because he isn’t competing against Ian Ross… this completely backfired on them because Peter Overton is 100% better.


Can we all please learn to love,respect and understand that Mr Ferguson is not going anywhere.

He is the man for 6pm in Sydney. I can guarantee you there will be no shuffle in the 6pm in chair in Sydney.

Love what you can’t change people and believe me it’s not hard to love Mark Ferguson


Pop your pom poms away, poppet. Don’t want to wear them out with your one man fan club routine before his return.


Like many have said before, if audiences really adored him that much as a presenter (like yourself), then he would be Sydney’s leading newsman - but until then, he is not


But don’t get me wrong, he is still a well respected journalist and presenter with plenty of experience (which he gained a lot from his days at National Nine News), just the people of Sydney have preferred Peter Overton over him


mate, this is getting embarrassing. You can’t force anyone to “love, respect and understand” just because you’ve got an adoration for Mr Ferguson.


You’re right. All my dislike for Mark Ferguson’s presenting style is just pent up jealousy at his professionalism and excellency. Thank you for making me aware of my own true love for the one they call Fergo, especially the way his hair looks like uncooked Magi noodles.

All will bow before Ferguson.


Stop shitposting mate


Sean Berry is presenting Early News this week.