Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Matt Tinney who does Sunrise Perth News might be an option. I’ve also thought that with some experience, Rob Scott might be good


I wouldn’t be surprised to see Seven pick up Tim and/or Emmy when the time comes. They are a strong pair who don’t deserve to be rating as poorly as they are.


Not quite sure why the huge enthusiasm for Blake. Seems just like any other reporter thrown into the presenting position when he hosts in Melbourne. Nothing special. But competent.


Not to mention Emmy was at Seven for many yrs…

Anyway onto my opinions. I see Tim McMillan as a good option, but I have the feeling that Nine doesn’t want to let him (or Emmy for that matter) go any time soon maybe due to consistency. Matt Tinney is a horrible presenter IMO and I don’t think Rob Scott would work on Seven News as a presenter when his wife is the weekend presenter of the rival network. IMO James McHale is my preference as he is already very popular on the ABC.


Indeed, she was the main weekend presenter in Perth for a few years from memory.


Nat Barr anchoring the breaking news of Mike Bairds retirement. Assuming only NSW with the rest of he country sticking with the tennis preview show.


Has anyone ever noticed Chris Reason being called 7news Chief Correspondent, l noticed only this morning during a live cross to him in the US during Sunrise. Maybe it’s just for coverage of Presidential Inauguration?


Rick is 58 this year and Sue is 65, I’m estimating Sue will stay presenting till she is 68 which is 2020. If Rick was to stay till he was the same age as Sue when she retired he has 11 years which is the year 2027. So I think that the possible options that seven will look into will be Rick going solo or letting Angela Tsun join him so viewers get used to her then they can bring someone in to join her when Rick retires. From what I have heard Sue is not in a rush to retire, she’s healthy and happy where she is.


First I heard it was in the press release for the inauguration coverage. Seems a bit tacky IMO.


Sam Jolly has a big furture at 7 imo along with Anglea Tsun so both would be well in front of Emmy.
Wasn’t impressed with Emmy when she was at 7.Would be one of the worst news presenters in the country imo


Honestly I think they’d retire together because surely it would be really foreign for them to be presenting with someone else after 35+ years together.


Maybe Rick could move to weekends solo for a few years so that he’s still around and on standby for a quick reentry in case the new weekday presenters absolutely bomb.


Samantha jolly presenting Seven News Perth tonight for some reason


Maybe the network program launch its happening today
I’m thinking with Pete and Manu in perth this could be The reason
Good guess this just posted on Twitter
Sam is presenting tonight
they Were doing the rounds on perth radio today


Michael Usher also presenting 6pm Sydney News tonight.
Any predictions on when Fergo will return?


Given Musher is doing the news this weekend (like Deb on Nine) I assume Mark will be back on tomorrow. Unless Seven News wants someone they trust to anchor on a ‘historic’ day.


Not sure. Oddly, I haven’t seen any promos which announce the return of Mark Ferguson yet. Even last year, there were at least “Mark Ferguson Returns” liners at the end of “Special Report” promos from what I remember.

Personally I’d prefer it if Seven quietly gave Michael Usher the role of Sunday-Thursday Sydney 6pm newsreader on a permanent basis with Fergo moving to Fridays/Saturdays but of course that’s very wishful thinking!

Thankfully, Seven seemed to have no problems allowing Michael Usher to read the news on the day the NSW Premier announced his resignation so they shouldn’t have any problem with Usher reading tonight’s news.

When Fergo returns, I’ll be watching Nine for most of the next 48 weeks or so…


I am assuming Mark returns tomorrow, as does Peter Overton, in case Nine launches their new set. As for the lack of promos, it is as if Seven don’t want to promote the return of Mark Ferguson even though Michael did not perform well.

Agree. But what I was saying was that instead of Robert Ovadia or Angie Asimus presenting tonight on the day Trump was inaugurated, Seven feel their second best option is Usher.


Jennifer Keyte is back presenting in Melbourne this weekend.


Happy birthday to Jennifer Keyte today.
I could hear some scratchy noise when Melina Sarris presented weather. Maybe a problem with her mike?