Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Yep that’s well known. Though I heard from one of the insiders (that was actually on this forum for a bit) that other than these two, everyone are friends and get along well. While that might not be the sole reason I get the feeling that the general vibe in the Nine newsroom is probably slightly less toxic than Seven, since a lot of the people have been there for many years (compared to Seven’s where many senior journalists and staff have left in the last 2-3 years), and I do think the work environment plays a part.


Sharp has a history of sharpening her claws on Samantha.


Good pun and very true :smiley:


Back in the 90s, a friend who worked as a cameraman, told me Anne Sanders was a nightmare.

It is not the first time Armytage has made headlines for run ins with makeup artists and stylists.


Apparently Ann Sanders and Ross Symonds hated working with eachother?


I don’t know what it is, but there is something about that which doesn’t really surprise me.


I’m not sure if Ross & Ann ever hated each other, although I don’t think Seven News Sydney’s presenter banter during the Late '90s/Early 2000s was ever quite as good as that seen on Nine or even Ten.

As the case is right now though, the weather presentation was probably a bit better on Seven than it was on Nine. If you can remember Alan Wilkie (TBH I probably forgot about his forecasts for years before I had the opportunity to see old clips again), you might understand why there isn’t anywhere near the level of nostalgia for his forecasts compared to Brian Henderson’s newsreading and Ken Sutcliffe’s sports reports/presenting.

Seven did that in 1989, didn’t they? Mustn’t have clicked with audiences at the time because Roger Climpson was presenting the bulletin solo from 1990-95.

I guess it would’ve been great if Roger Climpson was again reading the news with Ann during the Late '90s (when he briefly made a return to Seven for Australia’s Most Wanted) but I they probably chose to pair Ross with Ann because it was unlikely that Roger would be on-air for much longer than Brian Henderson.

Comparable to Mark Ferguson in some ways?

Although I think Ross’ reading style was at least calm and balanced, compared to the often sensationalist/shouty style of Fergo.


Disagree. Alan Wilkie was a legend throughout his time presenting weather at both Seven and Nine. I always thought he had more credibility because he was a meteorologist. Always a calm, measured, grandfatherly presence.

There were long stretches of time when Seven Sydney didn’t even have a weather presenter. I remember being excited when the 1988 revamp was happening because the bulletin was getting a weatherman, Clive Robertson, for the first time since Mike Bailey had left for the ABC several years earlier. Robbo didn’t last long and they went back to having the presenters read the weather for quite some time.


On-air personas and what people are like when the tally light goes off are two very different things.

Don’t forget the recent stories about the toxic Seven Melbourne newsroom as well!


During Ann’s long career l have never read anything negative about her behaviour towards colleagues,if Ann was really a nightmare to work with we would’ve heard about it over the last 30 years. Let’s not forget Annette Sharp’s reputation so to me she isn’t a credible source.


Rarely see the Early News but watching it today, Jodie Speers would have to be the worst presenter on television. She has a terrible reading voice -tone and intonation. She doesn’t even look well groomed to be on tv.


Whoa! The early starts don’t suit someone at all. In my opinion, there are far worse presenters than Jodie.


Name them, lol.


Sounds like you were kicked out of bed this morning mate :hugs:


Can’t believe this wasn’t mentioned earlier, but I’m sure Seven would be extremely happy that one of their highest profile reporters managed to sneak in a good clear background appearance during the top story on Nine News Sydney (& probably everywhere around the country)! :wink:



Matt will be a good addition to Seven’s AFL commentary team as a boundary reporter and/or news reporter, replacing Sam McClure.


Friday -
Amelia Mulcahy presented weather on the Morning News.


Friday -

Blake Johnson presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne.


Michael Usher sets an amazing tone for the bulletin tonight. He is authoratitive and calm in these horrific circumstances which is what you want from an anchor.