Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Basil Zempilas celebrated 25 years with Seven this week.


Basil Zempilas has hosted his own footy show in Perth back in the mid-90s. I think he flew to Sydney to present the 2000 Summer Olympics (IIRC) and commentated the Salt Lake 2002 Games. He also covered the sudden death of Seven Perth sports presenter, Chris Mainwaring in Oct 2007 (I didn’t watch it as I was in overseas).


Friday & Saturday -

Emily Angwin is presenting weather in Melbourne.


Great to see Emily filling in (it’s been a while).


25 years ago today a young Basil Zempilas started at 7 perth🥇


As discussed above…




Saturday -
Angela Tsun is presenting 5pm News from Perth studio.



Good to see they finally got the opener correct with the V/o and all. Very impressed this time and it’s good Angela got national exposure because she is certainly would thrive in other roles too (if she wanted them)


Saturday (23.02.2019): Tony Auden presented Brisbane’s weather tonight, covering Cyclone Oma. Paul Burt was still on coastal.


Sunday -
Angie Asimus is back presenting 5pm News today.


Bit of a hiccup for Chloe Bailey reporting from the Sunshine Coast tonight for 7 Brisbane. Seemed her auto cue died but she recovered quickly by whipping her phone out of her back pocket.


Susannah Carr presenting Perth’s 4pm news


Bunn and ABC News Victoria’s Paul Higgins are the first two weather presenters to sign to Monash University’s Climate Communicators pilot program.


Friday & Saturday -

Emily Angwin is presenting weather in Melbourne.


Robert Ovadia is presenting in Sydney.


Have we ever seen Angie present Sydney bulletin?


Not as far as I’m aware, although I certainly do think Angie Asimus would be a far better fill-in newsreader than Robert Ovadia.