Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Thanks guys. I was thinking it might have been interesting to see Rob on a more casual format but likely not the case tonight.


I too would like to see someone other than InteruptingUsher present The Latest.


And Robert “begging for war” (if we’ve all forgotten the infamous banter, that’s absolutely shameful) Ovadia would be a better presenter of The Latest because…?

I’m not one to often defend Michael Usher, but I reckon the interrupting may have something to do with the format of The Latest. Surely he isn’t like this with live crosses on Sydney’s 6pm news?


Saturday -
Blake Johnson also read the weather forecast in Melbourne tonight.

Sean Sowerby presented sport from the MCG again tonight.


Friday (28.12.2018): Katrina Blowers presented in Brisbane with Tony Auden on weather.

Saturday (29.12.2018): Kendall Gilding is presenting in Brisbane tonight. Tony Auden is presenting the weather.


Brisbane reporter Sarah Greenhalgh is reporting from London this week.


Sunday -

Matt Carmichael presenting sport on 5pm News today.

Sunday - Thursday

Mike Amor presenting in Melbourne with Jacqueline Felgate presenting sport.

Mike also read the weather forecast tonight.


Sunday (30.12.2018): Kendall Gilding presented in Brisbane again tonight with Ben Davis on sport.


Monday 31 December - Wednesday 2 January :

Robert Ovadia presented Morning News.

Angie Asimus is presenting Early News along with reading news on Sunrise this week.


Great to see Benny back on TV, he was promised the world to move to radio and let down terribly, good on him for sticking it out the number of years he did in very trying and demoralising circumstances at 4BC.


Monday 31 December & Tuesday 1 January :

Samantha Brett is presenting weather and Jim Wilson presenting sport in Sydney.

Monday 31 December -

Melina Sarris is back presenting weather in Melbourne.


TVW Perth

Who is presenting weather over the Christmas/New Year weeks?


Monday (31.12.2018) - Tuesday (01.01.2019): Katrina Blowers is presenting in Brisbane. Ben Davis is on sport.


Wednesday 2 January -

Jacqueline Felgate is presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne.

Robert Ovadia presenting Afternoon News in Sydney.

Angie Asimus presented weather in Sydney.


Who is presenting weather over the Christmas/New Year weeks

Amelia Broun


Congratulations to Nick McCallum who celebrates 40 years as a journalist today.


Wednesday (02.01.2018) - Thursday (03.01.2019): Katrina Blowers is still presenting in Brisbane.


Friday & Saturday -

Blake Johnson is presenting in Melbourne with Sean Sowerby presenting sport and Melina Sarris presenting weather.

Blake read the weather forecast on Saturday again this week.


I don’t know if he still works at Seven but Sydney Reporter Bryan Seymour is in New York and did a cross on the Latest.


Also on Sunrise this morning for the Scientology story as he has reported on The Church of Scientology for many years.