Seven News Presenters and Reporters


What rumours??


Look back through here Salty. Around the time Mike Amor was coming back to Oz.


Was wondering when they’d start promoting Mike Amor. Jennifer Keyte was always in the promos.


Conspiracy theory at best?


Oh you mean from members here.


They are the only ones who can contribute. So, obviously.


Your original post didn’t specify if the rumours originated from here or the media. :roll_eyes:


Wednesday -
Mel McLaughlin was back presenting Sydney sport tonight from the Adelaide Oval.

she is part of the hosting team for Seven’s Cricket coverage this summer.


A reason to get Kayo


Oh dear Salty. Will make sure all details of every word posted here are laid out on a platter for you in the future. With cross referencing and citations so that no thinking, interpretation or research will ever need to be done. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Good boy but make sure it’s on a silver platter in the future! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re assuming I’m male! :smile:


Thursday -

Peter Mitchell’s last night presenting in Melbourne for 2018 with him heading off on holidays.


Tom Chadwick a new reporter for 7 News Melbourne?


(6/12/2018) Susannah Carr is presenting the afternoon news in Perth today.


I believe so, first saw him on Tuesday I think.
I quite like his reporting style.


He was previously with Fox Sports i believe


There seems to a few new reporters in Melbourne.


Friday & Saturday -

Blake Johnson is presenting in Melbourne

with Sean Sowerby presenting sport and Melina Sarris presenting weather.


Correct, saw many of his reports on Fox Sports News. He is a great addition to the Melbourne sports department which is short of reporters.