Seven News Presenters and Reporters


They normally use this backdrop:



Amelia Broun presented Perth’s afternoon news.


Not sure if it has been mentioned before. Former Seven News Melbourne reporter Georgia Main is now working at Public Transport Victoria. I heard her on 3AW news during the week about interruption to train services.


Saturday (10.11.2018) - Sunday (11.11.2018): Katrina Blowers is presenting in Brisbane this weekend.


Robert Ovadia is also in Melbourne covering the Bourke Street attack.



Susannah Carr is presenting solo in Perth.


(15/11/2018) Max Futcher presented the Afternoon News in Brisbane today.


Friday -
Sally Bowrey presented the weather in Sydney tonight.


Friday (16.11.2018) - Saturday (17.11.2018): Ben Davis presented Brisbane’s sport as Pat was covering the Golf.


Something went wrong tonight with her live cross.


Had a post about this set up but didn’t post it for some reason. I didn’t see anything go wrong, I thought she was just extremely out of her depth.


Paula Voce presenting in Perth tonight. Old V/O was used.


Sunday -
Mike Amor presenting in Melbourne tonight with Mitch having a day off.He will be working next Saturday for Victorian Election coverage.

Also Jacqueline Felgate is presenting sport filling in for Tim Watson tonight.


Geof Parry reporting from Denpasar airport tonight for Schoolies week.


Geoff on schoolies! Wow i guess no other journo wanted to go hahaha!!


Hard to believe this presenter banter from Seven News Sydney (which IMO, is far better than the awkwardness of Fergo & Mel McLaughlin on Sunday-Thursday in recent years) is now over five years old…

Surely I can’t be the only one here who to this day, wonders what might’ve been for Seven News Sydney if they persisted with the Chris Bath & Jim Wilson lead news/sports presenter combination for a bit longer?!


Apologies for the double post, but since I don’t want to go wildly off topic in another thread…

Yeah…I’m personally of the belief that the main presenter who can take any credit for Seven News Sydney’s improving ratings in recent years (and particularly 2018, with most of this year’s notable wins happening during the 6.30pm half of the bulletin) is more likely to be David Brown rather than Mark Ferguson, who’s never been a strong audience puller on weeknights for any extended length of time.

As it’s been pointed out multiple times before, weather coverage is a major weakness of Nine News Sydney - hopefully something Darren & Simon will address in 2019 but as per usual, I’m not holding my breath for it to happen!


Andrew McCormack presented sport on Afternoon News in Melbourne this week.

Chris Reason is reporting from Bali.


Tuesday -
Mike Amor presented a special edition of Melbourne Morning News today for coverage on the Melbourne Terror Arrests this morning.